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Electric Hoists

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Electric Hoists

At Lifting Gear Direct, we offer a large selection of electric hoists which are suitable for a wide range of applications. This flexible piece of equipment is one of our best sellers due to the fact that it can be adapted for use in many different industrial lifting operations, and it’s versatility makes it a must have electric hoist for most industrial workers.

The wide range of electric hoists we offer means that you can select one to your exact specifications regarding capacity, lifting speed and more. We offer six standard sizes which can bear weights, varying from 800kg to 40,000kg, with two or four chain falls. They are available with lifting speeds from 1.5m per minute up to 12m per minute, and they can be mounted suspended - in a stationary position - or suspended - using a trolley.

Electric Chain Hoists

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, we understand that safety is the number one priority. All of the equipment we supply including chain hoists are comprehensively tested and we ensure that it complies with all current health and safety legislation, so you can have peace of mind when you buy from Lifting Gear Direct.

If you’re looking for an chain hoist, but are not sure which one is right for you, our team of experts would be happy to help. We can provide impartial, professional advice and guidance to help find the best chain hoist for you in order to complete your specific project. When operating any lifting gear, it’s essential that you have the technical knowledge to carry out the work safely and successfully, so we’re happy to provide advice on anything you need, to help you get the most out of your purchase. If you’d like to find out more about our range of electric and chain hoists available throughout the UK, please get in touch with one of the team today. Call 01384 75181 or contact us online today.

Standard 3 Phase Electric Hoist
The CPV/CPV/F Electric Chain Hoist


Available with suspension lug, or integrated trolley capacity 125-2000kg
This electric hoist is a superb piece of lifting gear.

This innovative electric chain hoist combines up to the minute design and technical innovation. A flexible and sturdy device perfect for use on jib cranes and other specialized operations.

The built-in limit switch for the highest and lowest hook position significantly prolongs the operational lifetime of the slip clutch, motor and gearbox.

Key Top Features

  • 2 year guarantee (apart from wear parts) plus a life time lubricated gearbox
  • Thermal overload protection as standard
  • Optimised casing for enhanced cooling
  • Electromagnetic spring pressure brake holds the load safely even when power fails.
  • Exterior adjustable slip clutch, designed in order to be a permanent connection between the load and brake.
  • Main contactor as standard, for improved safety.
  • Suspension lug for compact dimensions and simple integration in closed-eye constructions.
  • Chain guide made from fibre coated polyamide for improved wear resistance.
  • Standard oil bath is lubricated and case hardened gear box included, a helical gearing for smooth operation and enhanced life span.
  • Classification 1am. As require (with appropriate changes to lifting capacity resp. duty cycle) the CPV can even be reclassified up to 3m.
  • Duty cycle 50% ed for single speed.
  • Motor protected to IP55 against water or dust.
  • Amplified operational protection owing to 42v control voltage and an encapsulated pendant control to ip65
  • Standard operating voltage: 400v, 3-phase, 50hz, alternatively 460v, 3-phase, 60hz. Single speed motors reconnect-able to 230v, 3-phase, 50hz

Heavy Duty Electric Hoist

Heavy Duty Electric Hoist

The CPE Electric Chain Hoist can be supplied with an integrated trolley or suspension hook and has capacities ranging from 1600-10000kg. The CPE electric chain hoist is a high capacity 400v electric chain hoist and furthermore compliments the CPV series

The CPE electric chain host will be obtainable in single and also dual speed alternatives as well as a full choice of suspension possibilities

The CPE series is a collection of top quality products designed for specialist operations. The CPE electric chain hoist is extremely proficient and designed for a long operational life.

The hoists are made up of 3 chief component pieces which allows servicing to be simple and economical

The core features are:

  • Standard variety is included with direct control, a two year guarantee (not including wear components) as well as a lifetime lubricated gearbox
  • The heavy duty squirrel cage motor has a variable spring pressure brake that holds the load securely, even in the occurrence of a power malfunction.
  • The motor is fitted with a bimetallic thermal protection usable in connection with optional low voltage control)
  • Classification 1Am. Except for models CPE(F) 20 - 9, CPE(F) 30-5 and CPE(F) 0-4 classification 1Bm
  • Duty sequence 40% at one working speed
  • Standard operating voltage: euro-voltage 400Volt 3 phase 50hz
  • Motor protected to IP54 insulation class F
  • Encapsulated pendant control protected to IP65
  • The construction of component materials lead to a low overall height up-to 3000kg only one chain fall
  • Standard oil bath lubricated planetary gearbox is extremely smooth during running operation
  • The five pocket load chain sheave, manufactured from wear and tear resilient case hardening steel is matched impeccably for the load chain to ensure smooth and accurate chain movement.
  • Forged suspension and cargo hooks are manufactured from non-aging, high alloy tempering steel, which will bend/yield under overload rather than break
  • The standard case hardened zinc plated link chain is matched seamlessly with the load chain to ensure smooth and accurate chain movement.
  • All requirements of national and international standards and regulations are fulfilled

Extra Features Obtainable Are:

  • 42v Low voltage control
  • Stainless steel load chain
  • Motor with stainless steel brake
  • Additional operating voltages
  • Flexible chain container
  • Limit switches for highest and lowest hook positions (together with low volt control)
  • Suspension hook rotated 90 degrees

Light Duty Electric Hoist

Light Duty Electric Hoist

CPS Electric Chain Hoist with Suspension Hook

Capacity 125 - 500kg

The CPS version stands out as the lightest as well as smallest electric chain hoist. Its compact design and reliability ensure it is perfect for various operations in the construction business, service companies and several industrial locations for manoeuvring small and medium loads. It is also perfect to be used along with jib cranes

The key features are

  • The standard type comes with direct control, including a 2 year guarantee
  • Thermal overload protection as standard
  • Classification 1am. As required the model CPS (with appropriate adjustments to lifting capacity resp. duty cycle) may also be rated up to a higher classification
  • Duty cycle 30% ed, resp 25% ed
  • Standard operating current: Euro voltage 400v, 3 phase 50Hz. 125kg capacity also available for 230v, single phase 50hz
  • Safe hold of the load even in case of electrical malfunction because of the electromagnetic because of the electromagnetic, spring pressure brake
  • Motor protected to IP54, against ingress of airborne dirt, dust and water.
  • Pendant control protected to IP54 against ingress of dust and water spray
  • Tough aluminium powder coated casing
  • Exceptionally low headroom
  • The overload protection (slip clutch) avoids overloading and prolongs the life span of the hoist
  • The standard case hardened and zinc plated link chain is matched flawlessly to the hoist and ensures smooth and accurate chain movement
  • All national and international standards and regulations are fulfilled
  • Forged suspension and load hooks are manufactured from non-aging, high alloy tempering steel, yields under overload as opposed to breaking
  • The 10 pocket load sheave guarantee smooth running of the chain and minimizes chain wear and tear

Other additional features offered are :

  • Stainless steel load chain (no reduction of working load limit)
  • Robust chain container
  • Festooned cable systems
  • Low voltage control 48v
  • Manual and powered trolleys with clevis or shackle to fit top hook suspended chain hoists

Heavy Duty 110 Volt / 240

Electric Hoist

Capacities from 250kg to 3000kg

The loadstar electric chain hoist is extremely durable and is designed to keep working even in the most demanding applications.

This hoist is proven and recognized in the hire industry as the number 1 hoist where long heights of lift and high duty are needed.

The Main Features

Robust yet lightweight, totally enclosed aluminium alloy hosing, offering excellent protection of all electrical and mechanical components, yet allows for easy access for servicing.

  • 250-3000kgs safe working load
  • Available in 110v 1ph 50Hz, 240v 1ph 50Hz and 400v 3ph 50Hz voltage options.
  • 48v control, IP65 pendant.
  • FEM classification 2m (50% duty - 30 minutes continuous use per hour)
  • Thermal overload protection on the motor
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches
  • Exceptional closed height dimensions
  • Lifetime lubricated gearbox
  • 3 phase single speed motors are dual voltage
  • Single phase hoist comes complete with carry handles and 1 metre supply cable fitted with CEEform plug
  • Load hook with axial bearing

Reconditioned Electric Chain Hoists

We also supply a range of fully reconditioned electric hoists, please enquire to see what we have in stock or we can also recondition your electric hoist as we have our own electrical engineers & testing equipment on site / in our work shop.

Electic Hoist 1Electic Hoist 2Electic Hoist 3

Recon Hoist 1Recon Hoist 2Recon Hoist 3

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