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1000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span

1000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span

Thanks to its one tonne load capacity this lifting gantry system has a lot of productivity boosting, safety increasing advantages up its sleeve. Its 3 metre under beam height means overhead obstructions should not be an issue while its 5 metre span is the broadest configuration we offer.
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  • Product Code: 1000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span
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Quick overview

There are a few different 1000kg gantry options when you order a custom setup from Lifting Gear Direct. This example offers both our most compact under beam measurement and the most amount of lateral travel in one neat package.

This demonstrates that you can truly get exactly what you need from our kit, rather than being beholden to rigid specs that cannot be changed.

Further options include add-ons such as beam trolleys, hoists and a laundry list of excellent accessories of our own creation as well as from other established brands.

LGD’s large lifting equipment line up

When it comes to lifting equipment, there is no better place to find what you are looking for than right here.

Aside from custom gantries, we also make jib cranes that can be mounted on the floor, on a column or on a suitable wall.

If you would rather use an aluminium gantry, we make and supply several options in this category, including custom creations tailored to your specifications.

How to contact us

Let us know what you need and get a quote for your lifting gantry order by sending us an email or calling our sales team on 01384 76961 today.


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