1000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

Lifting Gear Direct can make crane and gantry systems of various kinds, including mobile gantries that occupy different size and payload categories. You can specify your own 1000kg capacity 4.5x3 metre mobile gantry and order any equipment along with it when you order from us.

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1000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span
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Picking a gantry system

To make an informed decision about which lifting gantry you should buy, you need to look at the type of tasks it is expected to complete. A mobile gantry like this 1000kg capacity model will be a great help in the case that portability is a priority.

With castors, catenaries, festoon systems and even more extras to choose from, a gantry like this can compete with and even outdo static lifting solutions, such as jib cranes. Being able to transport it easily is another selling point.

Optimising your order

By working with LGD you can be sure of getting the best gear to go with your gantry, whether you need an electric chain hoist or a suitable set of lifting clamps. Our aim is to construct custom assemblies that will work wonders for many lifting duties.

Seeking assistance?

Dial 01384 76961 or email our experts to ask a question, get a lifting gantry quote or find out all there is to know about our product range.

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