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2 Leg Universal Drum Lifter Raptor DL500

2 Leg Universal Drum Lifter Raptor DL500

If you need to lift drums in a variety of orientations, this 2 leg drum sling could be the answer. The DL500 drum sling can lift drums with rimmed edges, normally of the steel variety. 1 or 2 drums can be handled simultaneously and can aid lifting, tipping and turning the drums.
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About the 2 Leg Universal Drum Lifter

The DL500 is a universal drum handler and consists of a 2 leg chain sling with mechanical drum grabs at the end of each leg. The chain sling itself can be fitted to a hoisting device such as a chain block or electric hoist via its master link. It is then positioned above the drum and lowered with enough slack to allow easy attachment. The mechanical grabs can then be fitted to the rim of the drum ensuring the claws are firmly locked in place. The drum can now be lifted.

You can use the DL500 in a variety of ways; You can lift a single drum with both grabs either vertically with both grabs on the top rim or horizontally with one grab on the tope rim and one on the bottom rim.

It is also possible to lift two drums together by fitting one grab to the rim of each drum; when you use just one grab the drum will tilt and the drum will be lifted on an angle so should not be full.

One benefit to using one grab whilst the drum remains on the ground  is that the drum can be tipped right over and even aid moving from vertical to horizontal positioning and vice-versa.  Obviously the hoist will need to be able to move back and forth as well as up and down to achieve this type of movement  and can be a little tricky but with a little practice it will become second nature.

The DL500 drum sling has a 500kg lifting capacity per leg so if using both legs on the same drum it can lift up to 1000kg. This drum handling device is light in weight at just 5kg and together with its compact nature it is easy to transport and maybe even fit in your toolbox.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DL500 500 1leg/1000 2leg Steel 210 Litre  5Kgs