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2000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

2000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

Packing a load capacity of two tonnes yet coming in a compact 3x3 metre beam arrangement, this gantry is one of several 2000kg systems we produce here at Lifting Gear Direct.
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  • Product Code: 2000KG Lifting Gantry with 3MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span
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Quick feature investigation

The basic abilities of this gantry system should be apparent from the description above. Its ability to handle 2000kg of materials or equipment should suffice for a litany of different lifting duties, while the fact that it has a 3 metre under beam height in conjunction with a 3 metre span will mean that it will not be too difficult to store or transport when the time comes.

Like our other gantry systems, this model comes with three main parts and yet it can be kitted out with a number of add-ons if a customer requests them. Most commonly you will find the inclusion of a beam trolley and a hoist to be the most sensible setup. If you need any accessories or other equipment, we will aim to supply these as well.

Alternative lifting solutions

Lifting Gear Direct can not only provide gantry systems like this, but also jib cranes and a number of other helpful pieces of hardware.

We make a lot of our equipment in-house, while also providing the option of supplying products from leading manufacturers from around the globe.

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A quick conversation with one of our sales representatives can be had if you call 01384 76961. You can just as easily send an email to LGD for further information and help.


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