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2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20

2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20

Fashioned from corrosion resistant stainless steel and built to accommodate loads weighing up to 2 tonnes, the DBCS20 is a pallet truck with plenty to offer in terms of practicality and durability.

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Features of the 2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20  

The DBCS20 pallet truck has 540 x 1150mm forks and is also available with wider fork sizes of 685 x 1220mm. Its main features and specifications of note include:

·         High quality total stainless steel construction 

·         Nylon rollers, both front and rear are white 

·         Ideal for 'clean' environments 

·         also available with wider forks; 685 x 1220mm 


As touched upon earlier, there are a few reasons to choose the DBCS20 pallet truck over equivalent models. The longevity that is provided by the stainless steel design is obviously advantageous from a value perspective but also has a positive impact in terms of hygiene. It makes it viable to use this pallet truck in clean environments, where other models which feature different materials and finishes would not be suitable. 

It is not just moisture that does not pose a threat to this stainless steel pallet truck; other environmental hazards, such as industrial chemicals, will be less likely to compromise its surface. 

Furthermore the dimensions of this truck mean that accommodating a standard Euro Pallet will be easy. 

Our material handling equipment range

Lifting Gear Direct is not just a stockist of high quality pallet trucks like the DBCS20; we also supply material handling equipment, lifting equipment and even height safety kit to customers of all kinds across a multitude of industries. 

Whether you need accessories for your existing setup or you want to order a custom gantry system, our team can make and supply almost anything. 

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2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20  dimensions

Model     DBCS
Capacity   KG 2000
Min fork height H mm 85
Max fork height H1 mm 200
Steering wheel size   mm ?200x50
Load roller single   mm ?82x99
Load roller tandem   mm ?82x70
Size of forks  ExS mm 160x60
Width overall forks B mm 540/685
Fork length L mm 1150/1220
Net weight    KG 82