2000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

2000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

3000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

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This 3000kg safe working load Jib crane is the biggest in our range of column mounted swing jibs and can be made to radiuses up to 5 metres in length, add this to a 270° slewing angle and you get a big working area. All of these benefits and many more can be yours when you order with Lifting Gear Direct today. 

3000kg Column Mounted Jib Crane Features & Extras

The basic specifications of the column jib models we manufacturer are the same. You get a three tone load capacity, which is enough for some seriously heavy duty lifting tasks. You also get radius of up to five metres, as mentioned above. The rest of the capabilities and components can be adjusted according to what you want your crane to achieve. 

You might need catenaries or a festoon system, which we can include if necessary. You might want an electric chain hoist from a well known brand such as Verlinde or Demag installed on the beam, which we can offer. You might be in the market for small but significant parts like beam clamps, which we can supply. 

Best of all, we will adjust the dimensions and features so that the jib crane is a superb fit for your factory or workshop. You even get to choose between over or under bracing, so every conceivable detail and variable is covered in the design process. Whatever you ask of us, Lifting Gear Direct will be able to exceed your expectations and work flexibly to accommodate your needs. 

3000kg Column Mounted  swing Jib Service Options

Each one of the column jib assemblies we construct is installed, tested and yearly inspected (if required) by our skilled team of engineers. This means that you can stop worrying about whether your crane is up to standard, or if it has any undetected issues that need addressing. It also ensures complete safety, letting you get on with reaping the benefits of improved productivity that it offers. 

Our servicing and maintenance packages are suitable for lifting gear of all types, including all crane & gantry systems, so even if you have an existing rig we can dispatch our specialists to give it the attention and expert care that it requires. 

Call or Email Us for Column Jib Information & Prices

There is no need to put off the purchase of a column mounted jib. Get in touch with our team via phone or email for quotes, specifications and any other details you might need. The number to call is 01384 76961 to talk to one of our specialist staff. Alternatively you can contact us online and we will get back to you quickly.

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