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3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

Offering a total under beam measurement of 4.5 metres and a span of 3 metres, this example of our 3000kg capacity gantry systems has a lot going for it. Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity; there is strength to its design and features.
  • Brand:: Lifting Gear Direct (LGD)
  • Product Code: 3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span
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Performance potential

Looking at the WLL of any lifting equipment is important, for both safety and productivity purposes. This lifting gantry is manufactured to offer up to 3 tonnes of load lugging power, which may be perfect for your needs. We make 5000kg capacity gantries if you have heavier items to tackle.

The dimensions of this gantry are also interesting, since the 3 metre span is the smallest we offer, while the 4.5 meter under beam height is the largest. Whether you are intending to use the gantry in a narrow area or simply need to lift loads that are able to take full advantage of the height of this assembly, you should appreciate its design.

Bespoke gantry adaptations

Dive into a world of beam attachments, accessories and other lifting equipment when you order a gantry system from LGD. We make our own brand kit from scratch for customers who have unique needs and you could join their ranks as well.

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SWL Height Under Beam  Span
3000KG 4500mm 3000mm