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3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

Like lots of the lifting gantries we make, this 3000kg capacity model is built to last and available in a variety of configurations. The under beam height of 4.5 metres is very flexible, while the 4 metre span is similarly productive without being too wide for certain scenarios. There is a good choice of options available for your 3 tonne lifting gantry.
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  • Product Code: 3000KG Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span
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Key details

In the introduction the main specifications of this gantry system were outlined but it still makes sense to discuss why they are important.

The load capacity of 3 tonnes is obviously relevant from a safety perspective, as well as in terms of providing operators with enough usable strength to lift large loads quickly and without concerns.

The dimensions deserve their own mention. We make gantries with between 3 and 5 metre spans, while under beam measurements start at 3 metres and rise to 4.5 metres at most. This model sits somewhere between these, with an optimal amount of height for various duties and a span that will stop it getting in the way during storage and transport.

What to add

Since Lifting Gear Direct can custom make a gantry system for you, the capacity and dimensions are just the start of your tailored options.

Seek out the ideal beam trolley, look up the perfect hoist and decide on the best accessories from our site and you will be sure to received precisely the gantry assembly you need.

How to contact us

Dial 01384 76961 to have a conversation with a specialist member of our sales team, or email LGD to find out more.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
3000KG 4500mm 4000mm