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BUX BM1350 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet

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BUX BM1350 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet

The BM1350 has a 12Volt battery which provides 8 hours or more of operation time. The battery is built-in & re-chargeable. It is a convenient option for a variety of tricky lifting tasks where traditional hoists are not suitable. 

Key Features of the BUX BM1350

  • IR. Remote control with a 4-5 metre range.
  • 3-pole, flat magnet.
  • Weighs 60kg.
  • Maximum lifting capacity = 1350kg.
  • Breakaway load, tested at 2700kg.


Why choose a Battery Powered Lifting Magnet?

The BUX BM1350 is just one of the battery magnet lifters we sell, and it has many of the same benefits as its stable mates. Thanks to the onboard battery it is manoeuvrable, easy to operate and endowed with a remote control that allows workers to use it from a safe distance. 

Weighing in at 60kg and with a lifting capacity of 1350kg, it is a surprisingly powerful product in spite of its compact size. The flat magnetic surface means that it can clamp on to things like steel beams and sheets with ease, although it can also handle other metallic components in a manufacturing scenario which do not have such a regular surface. 

Unlike permanent lifting magnets, which do not need an onboard power supply, battery powered models like the BM1350 do require regular recharging. But since the fully-charged battery will keep it operational for the length of an entire shift, as well as providing extra lifting might, this should not be an issue.

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The LGD team is here to help you out, whether you are looking to buy the BUX BM1350 or are in need of general advice and quotes for any lifting equipment on our site. Simply ring us on 01384 76961 or email our experts for a fast response using our site

Technical Data

Tested lifting capacity (KG)Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG)Accumulator capacity (V/Ah)Accumulator type (DIN)Working time at 50% load (H)


 Material Thickness (mm) Surface Condition 
  Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mmRusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mmIrregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
  Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)