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Camlok DBT300 Drum Grab

Camlok DBT300 Drum Grab

Pick up, turn and put down drums and barrels with the Camlok DBT300 drum grab. See our vast range at Lifting Gear Direct.
  • Brand:: Camlock
  • Product Code: Camlok DBT300
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About the DBT300 drum grab

The DBT300 which not only lifts, positions and sets down steel drums it can also turn over the drums for emptying.

The tipping / emptying device is easy to use when picked up at the center of gravity. To turn the drum, set the extending supports (with wheels) to the ground; then simply pull down the 2 handles to turn the drum to the desired orientation.

Model DBT300  
A mm 600            
B mm 1150
C mm 1525
ØD mm 90
E mm 34
F mm 15
G mm 200
H mm 400