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Camlok TDI Inside Coil Grabs

Camlok TDI Inside Coil Grabs

Buy the Camlok TDI Inside Coil Grabs from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices. The ideal way to lift coils from the inside. We have a great range of coil handling solutions.
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About the Camlok TDI Inside Coil Grabs

The TDI are inside coil grabs which can be used to lift both round or square objects such as coils or box section from the inside surface, making them suitable for wire coils and objects with hollow bodies.

This makes them ideal for where space is more limited.

There are 3 jaw options available to suit various applications; 1) profiled steel; 2) case hardened serrated; 3) rubber lined. Your choice will depend on the product which you intend to lift.

When using the rubber lined model the surfaces must be clean, dry and oil/grease free.

The TDI inside grabs can be fitted with a device to enable automatic closing and opening if required. 

We can offer a range of lifting capacities across the model range right up to 5000kg.

Other Clamps & Equipment

We have a range of other lifting grabs available as well as other different kinds of lifting clamps. We now include a range of 'C' hooks in this category as well as plate lifting clamps. Lifting Gear Direct can also supply made to order lifting slings to perfectly suit your needs as well as lifting shackles to make a safe connection. Hoisting equipment is one of our specialities so should you require a hoisting device we can help.

Call us if you need more information, help or a quote.

Model TDI 100 TDI 500 TDI 1000
A mm 790 1200 1200
B mm 455 610 600
C mm 550 800 900
D mm 80 100 100
E mm 90 160 160
F mm / / /
G mm Ø60 Ø92 Ø92
H mm 15 15 15
I mm  22 30 30


Camlok TDI Inside Coil Grabs dimensions

Model WLL (KG) Inside diameter (mm) Weight (KG) 
TDI 100 100 220-420 17
TDI 500 500 400-600 53
TDI 1000 1000 500-700 60