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Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp

Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp

Buy the Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp here at LGD at great prices. Slings and shackles are readily available to compliment your clamp.
  • Brand:: Camlock
  • Product Code: Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp
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About the Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp

The YRC 10 has lifting capacities of 10000kgs.

  • Extra robust due to additional reinforced side plates and Jaws.
  • Easy installation with the central threaded spindle.
  • Adjustable in width.
  • SWL of  10000kg.
  • Ideal for demanding conditions.





Camlok YRC10 Beam Clamp dimensions

Model YRC-10
A min mm 202
A max mm 241
A1 mm 114
A2 mm 340
B1 mm 263
b1 mm 90
B2 mm 475
b2 mm 320
C mm 69
D mm 12
E mm 304
F1 mm 40
F2 mm 31
G1 mm 112
G2 mm 80
H mm 44
J1 mm 27
J2 mm 41
K1 mm 53
K2 mm 40
L mm  133
Model Capacity (WLL) KG Beam width (mm) Weight (KG) 
YRC-10 10000 90-320 24