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Contact GCH Gas Bottle Holder

Contact GCH Gas Bottle Holder

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The GCH gas bottle holder is easy to fit to the tines of your forklift with the heel retention pins.

Enables the easy lifting and moving of multiple gas bottles with a variety of dimensions.

The low profile base enables easy loading  whilst the ratchet straps ensure the bottles are held firmly in place.

Able to lift sizes ranging from 240mm diameter butane bottles to 318mm diameter propane bottles.

Model Capacity (KG) Max fork size (mm) Fork spread (mm)  Weight (KG) 
GCH-MULTI 500 130x50 912 69


4.5KG Butane  240mm dia 6KG Butane 306mm dia 7KG Butane 256mm dia 15KG Butane 318mm dia 
4 4 4 2
3.9KG Propane 240mm dia 5KG Propane 306mm dia 6KG Propane 256mm dia 13&19KG Propane 318mm dia 
4 4 4 2