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Contact SRX Extending raised height Forklift Jib Arm

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Tel: 01384 76961

Contact SRX Extending raised height Forklift Jib Arm

The SRX Forklift Jib arm has a raised height and extending arm, ideal for lifts where longer reach and more height is needed.

Suitable for smaller areas due to the shorter closed length of 1250mm, though extends to 1750mm.

Complete with 2 hooks and shackles which may be positioned in any of the 4 anchor positions on the beam, giving good versatility.

Easy drive in fitting and secured via heel retaining pins.

Lifting capacity is rated according to the forklift truck's capacity and varies according to where the hooks are located on the jib arm, see tables below.


Technical Data

ModelWeight KGC of G min (mm)C of G max (mm) ModelCapacity (KG) @ load ctr (mm) 
SRX 500-1.8120554628  100012501500175020002250250027503000
SRX 500-2.2120554628SRX 500-1.81100900720580500360330260210
SRX 500-2.7160567644SRX 500-2.2140011001000850750560440320230
SRX 500-3.1160567644SRX 500-2.7145012001100900840670490360270
SRX 500-3.5160567644SRX 500-3.11900150012001000900730580450370
 SRX 500-3.520001600130011001000820670540460


ModelTruck Capacity (KG) A hook height mmB closed length mmC  open length mmD fork spread mmF max fork width mmE max fork thickness mm 
SRX 500-1.820001911250175049612550
SRX 500-2.225001931250175049612550
SRX 500-2.730001761250175054615050
SRX 500-3.135001631250175054615050
SRX 500-3.540001371250175054615050