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Demag double arm pillar swing jib crane

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Demag Double Arm Pillar Swing Jib Crane

Demag Double Arm Pillar Swing Jib Crane

Do you ever wish you could carry out two different lifting tasks at the same time from one piece of lifting equipment? Well now you can with the Demag double arm pillar jib crane. Available to purchase from Lifting Gear Direct.
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Benefits of the Demag Double Arm Pillar Swing Jib Crane

Attached to a single pillar the two stand alone jib arms can operate independently of each other. The key benefit is that it can cover dual work spaces whilst only taking up the floor space of a single jib crane. Perfect for smaller factories where floor space is at a premium.

The Demag double arm pillar jib crane works particularly well when it is installed between two workstations. Each jib arm can be rotated through a maximum 260 degrees so the 2 arms will cover the maximum 360 degree operating circle with ease.

Another benefit to the double arm jib crane is that you can have different lifting equipment on each. For example you could have a geared beam trolley with an electric hoist on one arm and a push travel trolley and chain block on the other; the combinations are endless allowing you to tailor each one to the specific lifting task.

Purchasing from Lifting Gear Direct

There are some key benefits to purchasing your Demag jib cranes from Lifting Gear Direct. Because we manufacture our own jib cranes & mobile gantries we have access to other lifting accessories in abundance. We can supply any additional lifting equipment you may need, whether it is loose tackle like lifting shackles, lifting slings of any type or the hoisting equipment.

Call our team on 01384 76961 or contact us here via email and let us know your requirements.

Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7
80/80 C C C C C C
125/125 C C C C C C
250/250 C C C C C C
500/500 C C C C C  D
1000/1000 C C D D D D