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Eclipse 90 disc plate lifter magnet

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Eclipse 90°  Disc & Plate Lifter Magnet

Eclipse 90° Disc & Plate Lifter Magnet

The 90° Disc & Plate Lifter Magnet is ideal for lifting steel plates and lifting & rotating steel discs in machine loading and/or positioning applications.

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 A lot of this work needs to be handled precisely as well as safely, which is why such a specialist piece of kit is required. 

Central Selling Points of the Eclipse Disc & Plate Magnetic Lifter

  • The magnet itself is connected to a lifting frame and is adjustable to a number of locations along the frame. The lifting point on the frame is also multi-positional.
  • Enables the lifting and turning through 90° for easy positioning.
  • Easy to use with 1 single operation.
  • The hand grip enables easy guidance to the required location.
  • Available with various Safe Working Loads from 125kg up to 1000kg. 

Unique Advantages of Magnetic Grabs

The versatility of the Eclipse 90° disc and plate lifter magnet is its main selling point, since the ability to swivel sheets of steel without making things complicated or precarious is something many organisations will appreciate. 

Our full magnetic grab range comes with less specialised equipment, such as standard magnetic claws from Yale. However, sometimes a uniquely designed model like this Eclipse unit is more useful, for manual handling and a number of other tasks. 

The good news is that this product is fairly simple to get to grips with, so first time users will not take long to get the hang of its operation. 

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