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Eclipse Ultralift LM Lifting Magnet

Eclipse Ultralift LM Lifting Magnet

The Eclipse Ultralift LM is an efficient, cost effective and safe magnet lifter capable of lifting both flat and cylindrical steel.
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Perks of the Eclipse Ultralift LM

The use of a neodymium magnetic material provides the highest power to weight ratio. This is important from the perspective of practicality, allowing operators to work quickly and efficiently when it is combined with appropriate lifting equipment. It also has advantages in terms of reducing fatigue and avoiding injury through repeated use

 It also features a safety button to lock the handle/lever in place to prevent accidental release. This is obviously important for magnetic lifting gear, since the application of magnetic force is all that stands between you and a dropped load. Conversely traditional hoists will usually make use of chains and hooks to keep everything stable and in one piece. 

Why choose a Permanent Lifting Magnet?

The Ultralift LM from Eclipse is manually operated, requiring no power, and suitable for general purposes. This sets it apart from battery-powered magnet lifters, which have to be charged up in order to operate. 

A simple flick of the handle on this model is all that is needed to activate the pulling power of the built in magnet. Like our other permanent lifting magnets, it will require little maintenance over time and can be a resilient, reliable addition to your arsenal of load-handling equipment. 

Ultralift LM Model Options

There are actually a number of different models which fall into this range from Eclipse, each of which offers different abilities to go along with its size. The smallest of the bunch tips the scales at just 4.5 kilos and can manage material measuring up to 1.5 metres in length and 125kg in weight. This falls to 50kg when it is being used in conjunction with cylindrical objects. 

The largest has a total weight of 79kg, with a larger magnetised surface helping it to cope with sheets of metal of up to three metres long. It has a SWL of two tonnes for flat loads, along with an 800kg limit for round loads. All you need to do is pick the model that matches your needs and you will be on the right track. 

Ask us about Eclipse Products

We want to be as transparent and approachable as possible when it comes to the products and services we offer, so if you are confused about any aspect of the Ultralift LM lifting magnet, please contact our team. This can be done when you call 01384 76961 or enter your details on our contact page. Your questions will be answered and quotes can be provided in a jiffy.

Product Number A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm)
LM0125 110 150 76 62 54 150 30 27
LM0250 165 210 90 72 76 200 45 40
LM0500 225 281 106 88 103 243 53 48
LM1000 325 391 136 103 113 365 59 52
LM2000 400 483 186 132 170 526 88 79

Eclipse Ultralift LM Lifting Magnet dimensions

Product Number Material Length Max (mm) Flat Section SWL (kg) Flat Section Thickness Min (mm) Round Section Dia. Max (mm) Round Section SWL (kg) Unit Weight (kg)
LM0125 1500 125 20 250 50 4.5
LM0250 1500 250 25 300 100 8.5
LM0500 2000 500 30 400 200 17.5
LM1000 3000 1000 45 450 400 36.5
LM2000 3000 2000 70 600 800 79