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 Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach

Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach - Contact FMHA

Forklift Hook Attachment with Fixed Reach - Contact FMH

The FMH is a forklift truck mountable hook; one of several forklift attachments we stock and supply at Lifting Gear Direct. Find out about why it is appealing and learn what it can do right here.

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Facts & figures for the FMH Forklift Hook Attachment

Essentially this hook assembly allows you to use your forklift truck like a crane by lifting loads slung under the forks. This can be helpful in various contexts, especially if you are hoping to move loads which are not palletised without having to rely on a separate crane or gantry system to get the job done.

This attachment is easy to slide onto the forks and the retaining bars hold it firmly in place behind the fork heels.

There are 2 fixed reach sizes available; 600mm or 900mm (depending on model). We also stock the FMHA, again made by Contact, which is an adjustable hook attachment that can be positioned in several places on the forklift’s tines to deliver the best results regardless of the load’s dimensions.

This product is fitted with a high quality hook and shackle to enable safe and secure lifting. With 12 different examples of the Contact FMH available, you need to look carefully at the load capacity that each provides, as well as its dimensions, to determine the best choice. WLLs start at 1000kg and rise to 5000kg, which should provide enough choice for most potential users.

Additional equipment to consider

Our forklift hook attachment range is a comparatively small category in the wider scope of our full material handling product line up.

You can find load moving equipment including scissor lift tables and pallet trucks, as well as drum handling equipment. Whether you need just one product or several, LGD will be able to supply everything at a competitive price.

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ModelCapacity (KG)Length (mm)Max fork size (mm)Fork spread (mm)
FMH 600-11000600150x50713
FMH 900-11000900150x50713
FMH 600-1.31300600150x50713
FMH 900-1.31300900150x50713
FMH 600-22000600150x50713
FMH 900-22000900150x50713
FMH 600-2.52500600150x50713
FMH 900-2.52500900150x50713
FMH 600-33000600150x50713
FMH 900-33000900150x50713
FMH 600-55000600150x50713
FMH 900-55000900150x50713

 Forklift Hook Attachment with Fixed Reach dimensions

ModelCapacity (KG)A mmB mmC mmD max width mmE max thickness mm
FMH 600-1100018860071315050
FMH 900-110001889071315050
FMH 600-1.3130020960071315050
FMH 900-1.3130020990071315050
FMH 600-2200022460071315050
FMH 900-2200022490071315050
FMH 600-2.5250023560071315050
FMH 900-2.5250023590071315050


ModelWeight (KG) C of G (mm)
FMH 600-129438
FMH 900-133651
FMH 600-1.330438
FMH 900-1.333651
FMH 600-231438
FMH 900-234651
FMH 600-2.533438
FMH 900-2.536651
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