Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach

Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach - Contact FMHA

Contact FML Maxi Fork Mounted Jib Arm

Contact FML Maxi Fork Mounted Jib Arm

Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMJ

The FMJ Jib arm has a raised height offering even more height for the lift. Buy today at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct.

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Contact FMJ
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One of many forklift jib arms made by the experts at Contact, this range includes nine different models built to suit trucks of specific capacities, ensuring that there is plenty of choice for customers with different operations to complete.

Specifications & benefits of the FMJ Forklift Jib Arm

The beam has a fixed length of 1800mm and it possesses 4 placement holes for anchoring the hook, the first is at 1000mm, then at 1250mm, 1500mm and the last is at 1750mm, offering extremely good versatility.

Incorporating large pockets to allow driving the truck straight in, then using the heel pins to secure in place.

The lifting capacity will largely depend on the capacity of your truck and also the placement of the hook. (the hook nearest the forks can lift higher capacities than the hole at the very end; see table below)

Why use a jib arm on a forklift truck?

With the help of a jib attachment, you can make a forklift truck much more versatile as a piece of material handling equipment.

In the case of the FMJ from Contact, this means you can quickly add a crane-style lifting solution, complete with an integrated hook. This allows it to be attached to loads by a shackle and any other compatible equipment and accessories.

There are several different types of forklift jib arm available on the Lifting Gear Direct site, including models which offer adjustability as well as those like the FMJ which are fixed in place.


The load you need to move with your forklift might not suit a jib arm setup, in which case our other attachments might come into play.

We offer tipping skips as well as hook attachments and even extensions so that no matter the nature of the load, you should be able to accommodate it with our help.

Speak with an expert

LGD has a sales team standing by to deal with queries, questions and requests for quotes, so get in touch with them today by emailing your details or giving us a call on 01384 76961 for all the help you need.

ModelSuitable for minimum truck capacity (KG)Capacity at first hole (KG)First & last hole positions (mm) 
FMJ 500-0.810005001000/1750
FMJ 500-113006301000/1750
FMJ 500-1.315006801000/1750
FMJ 500-1.8200011001000/1750
FMJ 500-2.2250014001000/1750
FMJ 500-2.7300014501000/1750
FMJ 500-3.1350019001000/1750
FMJ 500-3.5400020001000/1750
FMJ 500-4.4500027001000/1750
ModelTruck capacity (KG)A hook height (mm)Weight (KG)C of G (mm)D fork spread (mm)Max fork section (mm)
FMJ 500-0.8100070102649546150x50
FMJ 500-1130070102649546150x50
FMJ 500-1.3150070102649546150x50
FMJ 500-1.8200070102649546150x50
FMJ 500-2.2250070102649546150x50
FMJ 500-2.7300070118693546150x50
FMJ 500-3.1350070118693546150x50
FMJ 500-3.5400070118693546150x50
FMJ 500-4.4500070118693546150x50

ModelCapacity (KG) @ load centre (mm)
LLJ 500-0.8500380310230
LLJ 500-1630470390280
LLJ 500-1.3680500450380
LLJ 500-1.81100900720580
LLJ 500-2.2140011001000850
LLJ 500-2.7145012001100900
LLJ 500-3.11900150012001000
LLJ 500-3.52000160013001100
LLJ 500-4.42700220018501400

 Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMJ dimensions

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