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GIS GCH Electric Hoist

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GIS GCH Electric Hoist

The GIS GCH electric hoist is of a compact design and is robust in nature. GIS use advanced technology together with its own Swiss quality to produce the GCH hoist range. There are several benefits to buying this brand of lifting equipment, including the impressive safety features that come as standard and the hard working, reliable components it uses. 

Key features of the GIS GCH Electric Hoist

The GIS GCH electric hoist possesses an adjustable double slip clutch, making it one of the safest hoists around. This is also helped by the positioning of the new brake system, which is located after the clutch. 

The hoist motor works well in arduous conditions and is available in single or dual speed versions. You also have the option of adding extras such as a temperature control system and/or insulation for high heat and humidity areas. 

GCH Electric Hoist Chain & Build Quality

The load chain is fixed to the main body of the hoist and has no risk of jamming thanks to the two-part chain guide. The disc brake is maintenance free which is an added bonus. 

Helical gearing means that the hoist is extremely quiet in operation. The chain wheel is manufactured from hardened steel and has extra pockets to help improve the smooth flow of the chain. 

You can easily double the load capacity of these hoists by changing them from a single to a double fall, this is simple to do. Low voltage 42V control is standard. There is also a geared limit switch as standard for chain lengths of up to 120m. 

The pendant controller fits nicely in the palm and has 2 button controls with an emergency stop as standard. A working hours counter can be added as an optional extra. This makes it easier to monitor the hoist and schedule maintenance at suitable intervals, which can be useful when high duty cycles are regularly handled. 

GCH Electric Hoist Reliability & Versatility

The main body of the GIS GCH hoist is made from cast aluminium and incorporates cooling gills/fins to help keep the hoist cool in tough operating conditions. This has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear, as well as minimising the likelihood of unexpected downtime. So in terms of consistent performance and cost-effectiveness, this hoist is a real asset. 

Also available is the chain handy - (pictured) for left & right hand use. There are 2 versions of this tool handler; the standard chain handy and the telescopic chain handy. Both can be used for SWL up to 250kg and enable a safe and quick method of moving goods around with exact positioning. Please note: this will now be based on the new GP hoist. 

Order GIS Lifting Equipment Today

Lifting Gear Direct can supply GIS electric hoists in a range of models with WLL up to 5000kg, contact us if you require more information. We also supply the GIS GPM and the latest GP hoist range. GIS chain bags are readily available. A quick call to 01384 76961 is all you need to get a quote for any of our products or services.


Technical Data

ModelM3 1Bm 150 s/h 25% duty (KG)M4 1Am 180 s/h 30% duty (KG)M5 2m 240 s/h 40% duty (KG) M6 3m 300 s/h 50% duty (KG)M7 4m 360 s/h 60% duty (KG) Lifting Speed (m/min)Motor Power (kw)3x 400v 50Hz      (A)No. Of chain fallsEye/hook suspension weight 3m lift (kg)weight per extra metre (kg)
 Duty Classification/Lifting capacity      
GCH 1000/1N100080063050040081.451.451451.04
GCH 1000/1NF10008006305004008/21.45/0.361.45/0.361461.04
GCH 1000/2N200016001250100080041.451.452502.08
GCH 1000/2NF20001600125010008004/11.45/0.361.45/0.362512.08
GCH 1600/1N16001250100080063082.442.441631.75
GCH 1600/1NF1600125010008006308/22.44/0.612.44/0.611651.75
GCH 1600/2N3200250020001600125042.442.442733.5
GCH 1600/2NF320025002000160012504/12.44/0.612.44/0.612753.5
GCH 2000/1N200016001250100080083.053.051652.25
GCH 2000/1NF20001600125010008008/23.05/0.773.05/0.771672.25
GCH 2000/2N4000320025002000160043.053.052764.5
GCH 2000/2NF400032002500200016004/13.05/0.773.05/0.772784.5
GCH 2500/1N250020001600125010006.43.053.051652.25
GCH 2500/1NF250020001600125010006.4/1.63.05/0.773.05/0.771672.25
GCH 2500/2N500040003200250020003.23.053.052764.5
GCH 2500/2NF500040003200250020003.2/0.83.05/0.773.05/0.772784.5


TypesA1 mmA2 mmA3 mmA4 mmB1 mmB2 mmB3 mmC1 mmC2 mmC3 mmH1 mm 
GCH 1000/1321367190523671803221469615482
GCH 1000/2321367224523671803221469615556
GCH 1600/13454242217538918037230135696608
GCH 1600/23454242637538918037230135696690
GCH 2000/13454242217538918037230135696608
GCH 2000/23454242637538918037230135696690
GCH 2500/13454242217538918037230135696608
GCH 2500/23454242637538918037230135696690