Grade 40 High Tensile Steel Pump Lifting Chain

Grade 40 High Tensile Steel Pump Lifting Chain

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain

Made with grade 316 stainless steel, this pump lifting chain is ideal for use in marine environments as its surface will not corrode when exposed to moisture and it will also be easy on the eye thanks to its attractive exterior.

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About Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain

There is much more to this pump lifting chain than the GRADE 316 stainless steel; it is supplied with a polished finish and available in sizes from 6mm up to 20mm. This provides you plenty of choice in terms of load capacities, starting at 400k and rising right up to 4 tonnes.

There are a number of different diameters and configurations to consider, each of which is outlined in full in the table below, so be sure to review this data thoroughly to get the right product from Lifting Gear Direct.

Alternative pump lifting chains we stock

LGD has a few different options when it comes to pump lifting chains, aside from this grade 316 stainless steel line up.

You might prefer our grade 40 high tensile steel pump lifting chain, which comes in capacities up to 6 tonnes. You might also opt for our grade 50 stainless steel pump lifting chain, which tops out with a WLL of 6.3 tonnes.

Our extensive lifting equipment family

Whatever the kind of lifting equipment you are looking for, LGD will be able to help you acquire it at a competitive price point.

In our lifting sling range alone we also offer chain slings made with similar materials to our pump lifting chains.

We also stock hoists, winches and lifting accessories, as well as building crane and gantry systems to order.

Give us a call

Our sales team can talk you through your pump lifting chain order or give you general advice on any lifting gear issue when you call us on 01384 76961. You can also reach out to LGD via email for a speedy response to any question.

W.L.L.(t)Chain D2 (mm)D1 mmD mmL mmW mmL (approx.) mmMetre per drumWeight per M (KG)
400 Kg68111105010005000.9
400 Kg6811110506005000.9
630 Kg78141105010004001.12
630 Kg7814110506004201.12

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain dimensions

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