GT Viper Lever Hoist

The Viper ratchet lever hoist is a great tool box item, it is light in weight and robust in nature; with quality components you can be assured of reliability whether you are using the lever hoist for lifting, pulling, lashing or tensioning

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GT Viper Lever Hoist
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The Viper Ratchet Lever Hoist at a Glance

  • The GT Viper lever hoist is the ideal tool for lifting, lashing and tensioning in any position.
  • Offering reliability with its high grade steel body protecting the brake system and the gears.
  • The shorter arm/lever along with the special gear ratio enables lifting with minimum stress.
  • Grade 80 hardened alloy steel load chain with electro-galvanised finish. 

More on the GT Viper Lever Hoist

The Viper lever hoist can be used in pretty much any position to lift, pull or tension loads. It can be used in an up or down movement by changing the setting on the change over lever to up or down. The hoist should always be rigged in a straight line from hook to hook.

Once you have chosen the direction of pull you can crank the lever, the female thread and changeover pawl will engage, rotating the female thread in the chosen direction. The brake is automatically engaged as soon as lever operation stops and will hold the load until the lever is operated again.

How to use the GT Viper Lever Hoist

If you want to raise the chain, set the change over lever to the ‘up’ position and move the lever in a clockwise movement. To make the chain move downwards, set the change over lever to down and move the lever in counter -clockwise motion.

A minimum load is needed in order to activate the automatic braking system, see table.

Prior to using the lever hoist you should make sure the load chain is fully lubricated. Do not operate if it is not in a straight, in-line pull. Never touch the grip wheel during load movement.

 The GT Viper ratchet lever hoist is available in a choice of safe working load lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 9000kg. It is an easy to use lever hoist with minimal effort required to operate it, thanks to the shorter lever/handle and special gear ratio.

Additional Lifting Gear

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Standard Lift








Load Chain

Falls of Chain

(kgs (mtrs mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm  
250 1.5 119 79 90.5 31 237 168 24 4 1
500 1.5 130 83 112 36 283 178 25.5 5 1
750 1.5 148 90 136 40 320 250 28 6 1
1000 1.5 148 90 136 40 320 250 28 6 1
1500 1.5 172 98 160 44 380 300 38 8 1
2000 1.5 180 105 160 46 380 300 38 8 1
3000 1.5 200 115 180 50 480 375 42 10 1
6000 1.5 200 115 235 64 600 375 50 10 2
9000 1.5 200 115 335 85 740 410 57 10 3

Lever Hoist Capacity (kg) Minimum load needed to activate brake (kg)
500 15
750 22.5
1000 30
1500 45
2000 60
3000 90
6000 180
9000 270


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