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Heavy Duty Load Moving Skates - Steerman Sx

Heavy Duty Load Moving Skates - Steerman Sx

Manufactured by Steerman and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the SX range of heavy duty load moving skates includes models with up to 30 tonnes of capacity to play with, allowing for speedy yet safe material handling in challenging scenarios.

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Features & specs of the Heavy Duty Load Moving Skates

The SX Rollers with life time lubricated encapsulated ball bearings are classed as extra heavy duty. This level of sturdiness is ideal for the toughest load moving applications and is achieved through a variety of components, including;

Twin rollers for low resistance rolling

Joint suspension of rollers ensure ground contact even on un-even floors

Chemical resistant rollers made with abrasion resistant polyamide

Easy to dismantle

Large dimension axial ball bearings under turntable

Virtually maintenance free 

Available in 5 models with load capacities up to 30 tonnes

Fully steerable front system with handle

Variable rear width adjustments 

With minimal maintenance and straightforward usability, it is easy to put these load moving skates to work in factories, workshops and warehouses where you may have larger equipment and objects to shift on a regular basis. 

There are other load moving skate products from Steerman, including the light duty LX range which will make sense for tasks which do not require as much durability as is offered by the SX. Meanwhile the adaptability and all-out WLL supremacy of the SCS caterpillar skates could make them the best Steerman product for you. 

A full array of material handling gear

LGD is home to much more than load moving skates, as our range of material handling products encompasses everything from pallet trucks and drum handling kit to forklift attachments and scissor lift tables. 

If you are on the lookout for more equipment, we have everything from unique lifting assemblies which are made from scratch just for you to branded hoists and everything else you might need. 

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For help choosing load moving skates or to get quotes for the Steerman SX range, give LGD a call on 01384 76961 or email our experts at your convenience.

Model Capacity (T) Overall height (mm) Number of rollers Roller diameter (mm) Colour of rollers Weight (KG) 
SX-10 10 102 16 82 Black 54
SX-15 15 102 32 82 Blue 76
SX-20 20 102 32 82 Black 76
SX-25 25 110 48 82 Blue 136
SX-30 30 110 48 82 Black 136