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Imer ET150 N Scaffold Hoist

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Imer ET150 N Scaffold Hoist
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When working on a construction site there is always the need to get your tools and materials up to high levels. This can prove difficult and hazardous in many cases. By using the Imer ET150 N scaffold hoist , or any other scaffold or gantry hoist these problems can be solved.

Features and Benefits of the Imer ET150 N Scaffold Hoist

Heights of up to 40 meters can be reached with the Imer ET150 N scaffold hoist and with lifting speeds of up to 30 metres per minute this electric hoist can handle the transportation of your materials speedily and safely. Speed of work is essential to cost efficiency on all building jobs so this hoist would prove an excellent choice.

A further benefit to the ET150 N scaffold hoist is that its reach can be extended thanks to the telescopic arm. The frame extends from 720mm up to 1120mm giving you 400mm of extra reach over the standard model the ES150. What’s more, the lifting capacity will stay unchanged no matter how far the arm is extended out.

Other equipment which come as standard on the ET150 N builders hoist includes a work positioning lever, IP67 plug, upper limit device and a self braking motor with magnetic device. The hoist is controlled by the use of a pendant control system which incorporated 3 active control buttons for ease of use. Classified to IP65 you can be assured of high safety levels.

The 4mm diameter high quality wire rope incorporates a hook complete with a safety catch to ensure the load stays firmly attached.

Scaffold Hoist Accessories

We have a wide range of scaffold hoist accessories available to further enhance your Imer Scaffold hoists. The range includes buckets, wheelbarrows and barrow chains, window props, scaffold clamps and more. Using some of these accessories will enable the lifting and lowering of multiple items in one go saving time and effort.

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If this is the right scaffold hoist for you then its easy to order; simply call us on 01384 76961 or email us here.  If you are not sure and need advice our team will be happy to discuss your needs and guide you in the right direction to the hoist which is most suitable for your needs.

    ET 150 N
Max. Capacity kg 150
Av. Full load lifting speed m/min 30
Max. Working height m/min 40
Wire rope diameter mm 4
Rope length m 41
Motor power rate kW 0.8
Motor speed rpm 1370
Motor running current A 7.1
Machine weight kg 48
SPL in operator position dB(A) <72
Dimensions w/l/h mm 330/770(1170)/520
packing dimensions w/l/h mm 350/820/550
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