JDN Profi 025TI - 2TI Air Hoists

JDN Profi 025TI - 2TI Air Hoists

JDN Mini Air Hoist

The JDN Mini Air Hoist has a manipulator option making it ideal for workbench and production line tasks.

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About the JDN Mini Air Hoist

The Mini series of air hoists by J.D.Neuhaus is ideal for most light-medium lifting applications.

A mini manipulator may also be added to enable easy operation and movement with one hand.

Lifting heights available up to 8 metres.

Lifting Capacities from 125kg up to 980kg.

Type Mini 125Mini 250Mini 500Mini 1000
Air pressurebar6
Carrying capacitykg125250500980
Number of chain strands 1
Engine outputkW0,41,0
Lifting speed at full load1m/min158105
Lifting speed without load1m/min402010
Lowering speed at full loadm/min30161810
Lowering speed without loadm/min24126
Air consumption at full load - liftingm³/min0,51,2
Air consumption at full load - loweringm³/min0,71,6
Air connection G 3/8G ½
Hose dimension (Ø inside)mm913
Weight at 3 m standard lift / 2 m control lengthkg9,510,52123
Chain dimensionmm4 x 127 x 21
Weight of 1 m chainkg0,351,0
Height of liftsm03/05/2008
Length of controlm02/04/2006
Sound level at full load - lifting2dB(A)7977
Sound level at full load - lowering2dB(A)8083


Capacity (KG)2501000
Beam flange width b (mm)50-22058-220
Max. Flange thickness t (mm)3430
Min. Curve radius (m)0.91
Weight (KG) 7.710.5

JDN Mini Air Hoist dimensions

Mini 125Mini 250Mini 500Mini 1000
A mm328328458458
B mm232232316316
C mm367367505505
D mm9292122122
E mm213213292292
F mm109109148148
G mm104104144144
H mm177177234234
J mm148148194194
K mm8383119119
L mm29294040
M mm19192828


A mm7979Mini air hoist dimensions
D mm1717
D1 mm2530
D2 mm3035
H1 mm3025
I mm67.581.5
L mm260260
L1 mm130130
O mm5568
T mm 144151
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