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Kuplex Connectors & Clutches

Kuplex Connectors & Clutches

Kuplex have a range of connectors and shortening clutches available.

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About Kuplex Connectors & Clutches

Connectors enable you to create easy connections between the chain and masterlink or the lower end of the chain to an end fitting, i.e. a hook. There are 2 connectors, the TL and the KJ which are grade 8 only (unlike most other kuplex components which are dual graded; both 8 & 10).

The 2 clutches available are the KSC and the KSCN (both are dual graded, 8 & 10)  these clutches are used for safely shortening the length of chain, these are often required when lifting irregular shaped loads which require a chain sling with 2 longer and 1 shorter legs to balance the load safely.