1600kg Cable Puller

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)

500KG Mobile Gantry Crane

500KG Mobile Gantry Crane

3200kg Cable Puller (economy range)

The 3200kg Cable Puller is the largest wire rope pulling machine on offer from our economy range.

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About the 3200kg Cable Puller

This Cable puller is ideal to lift, pull and tension loads.

  • The top end of our imported economy range; the 3200kg cable puller weighs in at 23kg, so still easily transportable.
  • The Aluminium casing protects the inner components.
  • Comes complete with 20metres of 16mm diametre wire rope.
  • Easy to use, simple to maintain.
Rated capacity (KG)3200
Rated forward hand power (M)438
Rated forward travel (mm)>28
Rope diameter (mm)16
Wire rope safety factor load capacity5
Safety factor & static load capacity4
Max travelling load (KG)4000
Net weight 23
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