ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley

ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley

Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block

The 360 Yalelift chain block is ATEX rated providing medium protection against sparks which may cause explosions in hazardous areas.

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It packs in all of the perks of the standard Yalelift 360 chain block and features a range of load capacities, starting at 500kg and ranging right up to 20 tonnes. Its design offers flexibility in terms of how and where it is operated, which is an excellent addition to an already impressive all-round lifting solution.

Rundown of ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block Features

  • ATEX rated; ll 2 GD c llB T5 (zone 1/21 & 2/22)
  • Top and bottom hooks are copper plated.
  • Specially coated trolley with buffers.
  • Bronze plain roller.
  • Brake with cooling element.
  • Load chain galvanic, zinc plated and a stainless steel hand chain.
  • Specially coated unit.

Explanation of ATEX Chain Block Benefits

You can find a number of ATEX rated chain blocks here at Lifting Gear Direct, including the adapted YLLHP/G low headroom hoist which is also manufactured by Yalelift. All of these models, along with this 360 iteration, come with coatings that combat sparks. This means that they will not ignite flammable gasses, combustible liquids or explosive powders. In certain industries, such a design will be vital to ensure safety.

If a fully-fledged ATEX compliant chain block is an unnecessary feature of your business, it is a good idea to browse our full range of other units. These manual models come from Yale and rival brands such as GT and Tiger.

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block Options

The capacity of each of these hoists is dependent in part on the number of chain falls that are present. The more chain falls, the greater the weight that the block can bear. The largest of the bunch is easily able to shoulder 20,000kg across its six chain falls. The smaller models with a single chain fall can manage between 500kg and 3000kg.

All examples come with a rotating hand chain guide, which allows them to be operated with greater ease than other units. This applies even if the operator is positioned overhead, rather than to the side of the load. Such flexibility is an uncommon attribute and boosts this already eye-catching chain block above the competition.

Ask us about Yale Chain Hoists

Yale makes a wide range of chain blocks and other lifting equipment, so you might not find it easy to work out which product is best suited to your particular needs. If you find yourself in this position, just call the LGD team on 01384 76961 or visit our contact page for the full details of how to get in touch. We can talk to you about what kit you should buy.

ModelCapacity KGNumber of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p mm Hand chain overhaul for 1m lift m Pull on hand chain at WLL daNWeight at standard lift (3m) KG 
YL ATEX 50050015 x 1530219
YL ATEX 1000100016 x 19493013
YL ATEX 2000200018 x 24713220
YL ATEX 30003000110 x 30873829
YL ATEX 50005000210 x 301743438
YL ATEX 1000010000310 x 302614471
YL ATEX 2000020000610 x 305222 x 44196
ModelYL ATEX 500YL ATEX 1000YL ATEX 2000YL ATEX 3000YL ATEX 5000YL ATEX 10000 YL ATEX 20000
N,mm 14192230375056

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block dimensions

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