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Battery Activated Magnet Lifter - Eclipse

Battery Activated Magnet Lifter - Eclipse

This Lifting Magnet from Eclipse Magnetics is battery activated, i.e. the battery is only required to activate the magnet then the permanent magnetic feature takes over, and so needs no power supply to maintain a lift. This makes it a cost-effective, convenient option which also provides long-lasting performance potential in a compact package.

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Main Selling Points of the Eclipse Lifting Magnet

  • Failsafe operation
  • Push button or remote control option
  • 2:1 lift safety factor guaranteed
  • Rechargeable battery 

Choosing a Lifting Magnet

Many of our battery powered lifting magnets, including the high capacity BUX BM5000, use a built-in power cell to control whether they are magnetised or not. In the case of this Eclipse unit, the change is essentially binary and the onboard battery is not active indefinitely to ensure magnetisation. Instead it acts as an on-off switch, much like the handles on standard permanent magnet lifting gear

Safe Operation of the Eclipse Battery Activated Magnet lifter

There are a number of benefits to this design, including the failsafe operation and guaranteed safety capabilities already mentioned. Where this model stands out further is the ability to either be operated by a wired-in button, or from a distance using a remote. This lets operators keep out of harm’s way while they are carrying out tricky tasks. 

The flat magnet provides safe working loads of between 1250kg and 3000kg, depending on the Eclipse model you pick. So it can compete with other battery powered products in this category, which is impressive. There are few better options for moving magnetic loads, such as steel sheets. 

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Product number SWL (KG) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
EPML1250R 1250 280 530 690
EPML3000 3000 280 530 690

Battery Activated Magnet Lifter - Eclipse dimensions

Product Number SWL (KG) Self Weight (KG) Dia. Min (mm) Dia. Max (mm) Load profile
EPML1250R 1250 175 200 400 Round
EPML3000 3000 164 N/A N/A Flat