BUX BMP1800 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet

BUX BMP1800 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

BUX BMP3600 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet.

The BUX BMP3600 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet has a 3600kg maximum lifting capacity. (rules apply)

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BUX BMP3600 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet.
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Features of the BUX BMP3600

  • Designed to lift irregular shaped objects, such as: Cylindrical, 'H' & 'I' beams; angle; channel; 'T's & 'Z's as well as flat.
  • 2 pole 'V' shaped Bi-polar magnet.
  • Unit weight: 420kgs.
  • 50mm or above pack/plate thickness is needed to obtain the maximum lifting capacity.

Understanding Battery Powered Lifting Magnets

The BMP3600 stands apart from the other BMP models we sell because of its V shaped magnet. Most of its stable mates opt for flat magnets, but this model is equipped to cope with loads that do not suit this standardised setup. For steel cylinders, sturdy beams and other objects weighing up to 3.6 tonnes, this will be the perfect choice.

It also offers differences when compared with permanent lifting magnets, such as a higher capacity and the ability to offer remote control over its operation. This means users can stay safe when handling heavy items, rather than straying into dangerous areas below loads unnecessarily.

Considerations and Other Options

Equipment of this capacity does have a high unit weight in its own right, so make sure it is being supported by the right type of structure in order to avoid issues arising.

The flat magnet equivalent of this model is the BM3600, so you can always change your selection if a different powered lifting magnet catches your eye. Also remember that our comprehensive lifting equipment range includes a much broader range of products to peruse.

Aid with Buying Lifting Gear from the Experts

The ins and outs of the equipment we sell will not be obvious to every customer, so if you are struggling to locate the ideal gear then the best thing to do is get in touch. Our phone number is 01384 76961 or if you would rather email the team, visit our contact page for further details.

TypeDescriptionL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Weight (KG)Tested lifting capacity (KG)Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG)Safe lifting capacity for circular material (KG)Accumulator capacity (V/Ah)Accumulator type (DIN)Working time at 50% load (H)
BMP 36002 poles magnet with prism 7602626204207200360022002590343539-38
 Material Thickness (mm) Surface Condition 
  Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mmRusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mmIrregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
  Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)Max dimensions LxW (mm)WLL (KG)
BMP 360070 3600 3400 3200
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