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Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs

Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs

Lifting shipping containers is made much easier with these Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs. Buy now from Lifting Gear Direct along with any type of lifting sling for your convenience.
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About the Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs

There are 2 types of lugs for lifting shipping containers, the CLT is for top lifting and the CLB is for side lifting.

Supplied in sets of 4 with lifting capacities up to 56 tonne for the top lifting lugs (CLT) in a vertical lift or 50 tonne for the side lug ( CLB) when used vertically. The CLB can be used at specific angles with a reduced capacity. Please refer to specifications for more details. These lugs create the ideal lashing point for easier transportation of large containers.

The CLT top lifting lugs are vertically mounted on top of the container and are locked into position by simply turning the lug 90 degrees. these lugs enable transportation with a lifting frame and cables, chains or slings.

The CLB lugs are fixed to the sides of the container either at the top or the bottom fixing holes. They incorporate spring loaded bolts to prevent accidental release for extra safety.

N.B  NOT TO BE USED WITH A 4 LEG CHAIN SLING - due to wrong angles, spreader beams must be used.

Other Suggested Equipment

Chain slings or other lifting chains and components will normally be used with these container lifting lugs. Lifting Gear Direct can supply any chain and fitting to suit your needs. Lifting shackles may also be required as a connector so browse our range to find the perfect one for your task.

Get in touch if you need any extra information or help.

Model A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm 
CLB 152 181 45 37 73 75 40
CLT 123 217 45 39 57 101 121


Camlok CLT/CLB Container Lifting Lugs

Model WLL (KG) Per set of 4 Type of lifting Sling angle from vertical  Weight (KG) 
CLB 32000 SIDE 50° 18
40000 36°
50000 Vertical
CLT 56000 TOP Vertical 28