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Crane & Gantry Systems

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 Lifting Gear Direct manufacture their own bespoke mobile lifting gantry systems and Jib cranes, as well as supplying floor cranes and aluminium gantry systems.  Please Note: We do not hire out our gantries and cranes, they are made to measure.

A Crane Gantry System – Understanding the Basics 

lifting gantry is often called other names, such as a mobile gantrymobile lifting gantry or an A-frame gantry, they are versatile pieces of lifting equipment due to the fact that it is moveable, unlike a fixed overhead crane; this enables more compact working areas to have that extra lifting capability that simply wouldn’t have the room or necessity for a fixed crane.  Mobile lifting gantry systems are a perfect framework for the use of most types of hoisting equipment. 

All About Jib Cranes 

A Jib Crane may also be called a swing jib and is a type of crane system consisting of a supporting beam or column (depending on where it is to be fitted) to which a jib arm (also called a boom) is cantilevered out from. We can manufacture floor, column, wall & pillar mounted Jib cranes with either under or over bracing to suit your needs. 

Because we design and build each jib crane gantry system in-house, you can be certain that they are suitable for your needs and can take on any lifting tasks safely and efficiently. They are made to measure using high quality materials and components, which makes them tough enough for the most gruelling, high duty cycle use. 

You can choose cranes which are built for indoor or outdoor use, depending on your requirements. We can design, create and install the entire assembly. And further down the line when it needs to be maintained, we can also carry out the necessary work to keep a crane gantry system in top condition. 

Jib Cranes - The Brand Options 

Some of the brands we work with to build our cranes include Demag and Donati. There are a wide range of lifting capacities available, starting off at just 125kg for light work and going up to 3000kg or more for heavy duty jobs. If you have specific features you would like to add to your order, we can make adjustments to match your expectations. 

Buy Aluminium Lifting Gantry Systems 

Aluminium Lifting gantry systems are similar to our mobile gantries, though are much lighter in weight and therefore can lift lighter loads; they are foldable, down into 3 parts, for ease of transportation and storage. 

Aluminium is a strong, versatile material and we can work with it to make you a custom crane gantry system. You can also pick from one of our standard aluminium gantries if you are happy with one of the default specifications that are available. The main thing to bear in mind when considering this type of system is that the lighter weight comes at the cost of lifting capacity. Steel gantries will be heavier and less manoeuvrable, but will be sturdier and better suited to moving larger loads. 

There is no doubting the convenience of the Rapide aluminium gantry that we offer. As the name suggests, this is a quick to assemble crane gantry system and features integrated wheels which mean it is compact and flexible enough to be used by a one person alone. It still packs up to 500kg of lifting capacity, as well as the option to include a trolley system which makes it easy to attach a hoist or other accessory. 

For the bespoke aluminium lifting gantries that we sell, capacities of up to 5000kg are on offer. They are not just useful for moving a variety of inanimate loads, but can also be deployed to provide staff with a safe anchor point when working at heights. For fall protection duties, this type of gantry will be a good choice because of its low weight and ease of use. 

Our standard aluminium gantries are rated to handle loads of between 250kg and 2000kg. They can be assembled in a matter of minutes and are equipped with lockable castors to stop unwanted movement when they are put in position. Parking jacks can be specified for these models, which makes it easier to use the gantry on an irregular surface. Simply adjust each of the jacks independently until the gantry is level and it sits stably. 

Floor & Workshop Crane Options 

Floor Cranes are also known as engine cranes or lifters and workshop cranes. These space-saving mini Jib cranes use a cantilevered hydraulic lifting boom/arm on a wheeled framework; perfect for sliding underneath a car. 

Payload capacities for this type of crane can vary between 500kg for smaller models and 2000kg for the larger examples. We stock manoeuvrable, cost-effective floor cranes from brands including Ace, Pfaff, Raptor and Steerman. 

One of the main reasons to invest in a floor crane is to avoid having to carry out physically demanding lifting tasks without assistance. Just remember that the design of these cranes which makes them compact is also an important motivation to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. Keeping loads central and stable is key to proper use. 

Floor Crane Versatility 

Some floor cranes are marketed as being general use, while others have features that are geared towards specific tasks. For example, you can buy cranes which are explicitly advertised as capable of lifting and lowering a car engine. This can be a useful way of working out which of the crane gantry systems we sell is right for you. 

Be sure to check out our full range of floor cranes, as well as the various gantry systems we offer, including fixed position lifting gantries and convenient mobile gantries. They are a great addition to any workshop or factory where things like durability, strength, build quality and ease of use are all important assets. 

Get More Information on Lifting Gantry Systems 

Our product pages below will tell you much more about each product and you can easily contact us via the rapid enquiry button. You can call the Lifting Gear Direct team on 01384 76961 if you have a question about any of the lifting equipment we sell in the crane gantry system category.

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