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5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry

5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry

Our largest capacity A-frame gantry has a Safe Working Load of 5000kg. We use much larger steel for this model in order to attain the safe working load limit. We can manufacture this 5 tonne a frame lifting gantry to suit your needs with a range of heights, spans and extra options available to choose from.

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Welded with precision by our skilled fabricators here at Lifting Gear Direct you can be assured of high quality gantry systems, easily capable of lifting 5000kg. 

5000kg A Frame Gantry Versatility Features

We can fit the 5000kg a-frame with extra heavy-duty castors for mobility or plated feet for semi-permanent positioning. The plates are bolted down to the ground, though are easy enough to remove when required. 

If not used with bolted down plated feet and using on irregular height flooring, we can add parking jacks to allow minor height adjustments to counteract any imbalance. This will help with lifting safety in a number of situations, whatever the terrain you encounter. A portable gantry can be a major asset, so long as it is used correctly and inspected regularly

If you will be using any electrical equipment on this A-frame then we can add a festoon wire to safely hold the cables and also an isolator switch for emergency situations. We also sell electric hoists, winches and other kit on our site that you can use in conjunction with this portable gantry system. Our competitively priced products come in all shapes and sizes, supplementing the already impressive features of our own-brand gantries. 

5000kg A Frame Portable Gantry Dimensions 

The 5000kg A-frame gantry has some maximum height and span dimensions that are allowed. The height is to the underside of the beam and available up to a maximum of 5 metres. The span is the measurement of the beam inside the legs / side frames, which is also 5 metres maximum. Therefore, the maximum internal measurement of the gantry is 5 x 5 metres, so if you need the total width and height due to size restrictions the size of steel used will also need to be taken into consideration to determine to overall dimensions. 

Please contact us for more information. You can also check out the other A frame gantry products we sell, or examine the various jib cranes and heavy-duty load handling equipment on our site. Many models can be customised to your requirements, so you have the freedom to get a setup that suits you, rather than having to make do with a one size fits all gantry which is not ideal.  

5000kg A Frame Lifting Gantry Add-Ons

Catenary systems, knock out boxes, festoons, parking jacks and all types of lifting equipment are all available to further enhance your A-frame gantry system. 

Any of these extra components can improve the productivity and versatility of our highest capacity gantries, so just tell us what you are looking for when you place your order and we can tweak the design so that it is made to measure. 

Need Additional A Frame Gantry Info?

Find out everything you need to know about our lifting gantry products and our other services by calling or emailing us directly. Our team can be reached on 01384 76961 or you can fill out the form on our website to get in touch today.


SWL Height Under Beam  Span
5000KG 3500mm 3000mm
5000KG 3500mm 4000mm
5000KG 3500mm 5000mm
5000KG 4500mm 3000mm
5000KG 4500mm 4000mm
5000KG 4500mm 5000mm
5000KG 5000mm 3000mm
5000KG 5000mm 4000mm
5000KG 5000mm 5000mm