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Gt engine lifter

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GT Engine Lifter

GT Engine Lifter

Ideal for lifting out and replacing engines, you can now buy the GT Engine Lifter right here at LGD at very keen prices.
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The GT engine lifter has a lifting capacity of up to 2000kg and ideal for lifting out engines, most car garages find them an essential piece of equipment.

Although they are mobile and have wheels they are not intended to move loads around. That said, providing they are used with all safety measures they can be used to move an engine out of the way for example. For safety you should ensure the jib arm is at its lowest possible before moving and ensure the load doesn't swing. Lower the load to the ground of a solid surface as soon as possible as this floor crane is not designed to hold a load indefinitely.

KEY FEATURES of the GT Engine Lifter

  • Heavy duty long ram
  • 4 position boom
  • 6 wheels for extra maneuverability
  • lifting range from 25mm up to 2380mm 

Where the boom is positioned will affect the lifting capacity, for example, the full 1000 kg can be obtained if the boom is set closest to the frame; the further away from the frame you set it the load capacity will be reduced. Follow the manufacturers instructions accordingly.

Similar Engine Hoists

There are a variety of similar floor cranes available from Lifting Gear Direct, there are a couple of engine lifters as well as the floor cranes. All from different manufacturers so the choice is yours. 

Should you need any additional equipment to carry out your lifting procedure then we have a great range of lifting slings and shackles to help secure the load to the engine hoist.

An engine hoist is an ideal piece of equipment for any car garage. Contact us if you need more help, 01384 76961 is the number you need.


Model Capacity (KG) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (KG) 
GTEL2 2000 1800 1040 1568 107