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Demag Pillar Mounted Swing Jib Cranes

Demag pillar Swing Jib cranes can be the ideal solution to handling loads within a certain area of your workspace, they are typically used for assembly work, servicing machinery and factories and warehouses for logistics. A floor mounted column with an overbraced slewing jib arm complete this crane system. Demag electric hoists can also be supplied by Lifting Gear Direct at great prices.

Demag Double Arm Pillar Swing Jib Crane


Benefits of the Demag Double Arm Pillar Swing Jib Crane Attached to a single pi..

Demag KBK Lightweight Pillar Jib Crane


Features of the KBK Lightweight Pillar Jib Crane This particular model is the l..

Long Outreach Over braced I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane


Key Elements of the Long Outreach Over Braced I Beam Pillar Jib Crane The exten..

Low Headroom I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane


Low Headroom I Beam Pillar Jib Crane Features These cranes are ideal for most l..

Pillar Mounted High Capacity Large Outreach Jib Cranes


Securely mounted to either existing or newly poured foundations these Demag pill..

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What Demag Jib Cranes Are Available

This Demag Pillar mounted crane range boasts 5 designs which cover a multitude of lifting applications. So whatever your working environment is, there should be a Demag pillar mounted Jib crane to suit your needs. If you simply do not have the floor space to install a pillar mounted jib then that is no problem because Lifting Gear Direct can also supply Demag wall mounted jib cranes.

Demag Pillar Mounted Swing Jib Cranes

Pillar mounted jibs are anchored to the floor and so will need a certain amount of floor space. The location for the mounting may need to be checked by a structural engineer to ascertain whether it is strong enough to withstand the crane and loads it will be lifting. Where new foundations need to be laid, templates will be used to ensure correct alignment of the holes for the anchor bolts. Often we can use anchor bolts with special chemicals to fix the crane to existing foundations.

Pillar mounted swing jibs can rotate through a range of slewing angles up to a maximum 360 degrees depending on the chosen model. It is possible to limit the slewing range when needed by means of an adjustable motion limiter. These can be fitted any time after initial installation.

The square main pillar and hammerhead shaped pillar head maximise rigidity and enable the biggest slew possible. The jib arms are either lightweight, hollow steel sections where lifting equipment and any power supply fits to the recess underneath. Or a more typical solid steel ‘I’ beam which can withstand heavier loads and accommodate the more standard beam attachments and hoisting systems.

Demag Pillar Mounted Jib Crane Options

The model with the largest lifting capacity is the I-beam High Capacity model which boasts a massive 10,000kg's, what’s more the outreach of the Jib arm can be anything between 2 & 12 metres, depending on the model.

i beam jib crane

The smallest and lightest Demag pillar mounted jib In-between these two are the I-beam low headroom model and the I-beam long reach model; these possess lifting capacities of up to 2000kg & spans/outreaches of up to 7 & 8 metres respectively.crane is the KBK lightweight model which uses hollow steel sections to produce the lightweight design. It comes with a range of lifting capacities from 80 - 1000kg and up to 7 metre spans.

An addition product in this range is the double arm jib crane for carrying out two lifting tasks simultaneously. Each arm can lift up to 1000kg with reaches between 2 & 7 metres depending upon the capacity chosen.

A wide range of pillar heights and slewing options are also available, including electric travelling boom, radio controls and a range of surface coatings, contact us for more details.

Related Lifting Equipment

Lifting Gear Direct can supply, inspect, install and repair many types of lifting gear which can work well with the Demag Jib cranes as well as our other crane and gantry systems. Alongside our range of beam attachments and hoisting equipment we can also provide any type of lifting sling, lifting shackles, eye bolts, lifting magnets, lifting clamps and much more. All our lifting tackle is of high quality and we aim to delivery quickly.

Contacting Lifting Gear Direct

If you would like to discuss these Demag Jib cranes or one of our own custom made Lifting Gear Direct Jib cranes then it couldn’t be easier. Simply phone us on 01384 76961 for a friendly consultation or email us through the contact us page or rapid enquiry button.

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