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Demag Wall Mounted Swing Jib Cranes

The range of Demag wall mounted Swing Jib cranes available from Lifting Gear Direct are great if you would like a swing jib crane for your workplace but simply haven’t got any free floor space. You have come to the right place, limited floor space is not an issue for these cranes. Pillar mounted options also be Demag are also available via Lifting Gear Direct.

Demag KBK Over Braced Lightweight Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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I Beam High Capacity Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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I Beam Long Reach Over Braced Wall Mounted Jib Crane


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Low Headroom Wall Mounted Under Braced Jib Crane - I Beam


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Demag Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Wall mounted swing jib cranes are typically used in smaller factories, busy workshops and anywhere that the working environment has limited floor space. Demag wall mounted jibs use specially designed wall mounting brackets to attach the jib arm to one of the building’s existing square steel or brick supporting columns. Alternatively they may be installed onto a flat wall using special brackets. All structures must be structurally sound, and checked by a professional if necessary.

Wall Mounted Swing Jib Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of taking up no floor space, a wall mounted Jib can be positioned at a height to suit your specific needs. This can be an excellent benefit if you need it positioned over a particular work area to work on a specific task. 

The slewing range on a wall mounted option will vary depending on how it is fitted. For example it the Jib is mounted onto a long flat wall then the slewing range can only be a possible 180 degrees as when the arm is rotated it will eventually hit the wall at either side. If the Jib is mounted to a support column within the building then the slew may increase to as much as 270 degrees. This is due to the fact that the tip of the arm can rotate slightly past the column. As with the Demag pillar mounted swing Jib cranes, the slewing range can be limited with a special limiting device.

Demag Wall Mounted Jib Crane Options

There are four options available within this Demag wall mounted jib crane range.demag wall mounted swing jib crane

Firstly there is the Demag KBK lightweight wall mounted hollow section crane. This is available in a variety of SWL & arm length combinations. Up to 1000kg SWL and u to 7metres  reach respectively.

Next up is the I-beam low headroom Crane with lifting capacities up to 2000kg and reaches up to 7 metres.

Then we have the I-beam Long Outreach, low dead-weight model which goes up to 2000kg's load capacities and 8 meter outreaches.

Finally we have the I-beam high load capacity models with up to a whopping 10000kg load capacity and a reach of up to 12 metres.

Optional Lifting Equipment for Jib Cranes and Lifting Tasks.

Because Lifting Gear Direct is a key Lifting equipment supplier and manufacturer of some products, you can purchase all the lifting tackle you need to complete your lifting operations from one place. We pride ourselves on low cost, high quality products that you can rely on.

We have a vast range of all types of hoisting equipment from all the key brands to compliment our Jib Cranes and other mobile gantry crane systems. Beam attachments are frequently used on a jib arm and we have an excellent choice. Lifting clamps, Lifting slings, shackles and other loose tackle is readily available.

Discussing your Jib Crane Needs.

Talk to our experienced team members about what you need from your wall mounted swing jib crane and let us help you choose the right Jib crane and related lifting equipment to suit your specific requirements. 01384 76961 is the number to call or you can use the rapid enquiry form or contact page to email us.

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