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Donati Jib Cranes

Demag builds entire jib crane rigs, using its in-house experts to come up with intriguing, effective designs that are capable of making workshops and factories more productive. At Lifting Gear Direct you can buy a range of Donati swing Jibs which are competitively priced, versatile and long-lasting. Alternatively we can manufacture a swing jib crane bespoke to you.

Donati 360 Electric Rotation Swing Jib Crane GBR Series


These are typically used outdoors, perhaps on wharves for unloading boats or hau..

Donati Articulated Arm Jib Crane CBB / MBB Series


Understanding the Jib Crane Articulation  They have an articulated arm to ..

Donati Manually Rotated Jib Crane GBA / GBP Series


What Donati Manually Rotated Jib cranes Are Available?  Donati Manually ro..

Donati Motorised Arm Swing Jib Crane MBE / CBE Series


These swing jibs are also beneficial for areas where they require frequent slewi..

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Donati Jib Cranes are not just what this brand is good at; Donati is also known for its electric hoisting equipment and its competitive lifting components sold across a number of categories. Read on to find out about the choices available from Lifting Gear Direct.

Donati CBB / MBB Articulated Arm Jib Crane

Wall and column mounted versions of this articulated swing  crane are available, both of which benefit from its articulated arm with an outreach of up to seven metres. Safe working limits kick off at 125kg and rise to 500kg, while the articulation means that it is easier to manoeuvre loads around cluttered, busy areas.

Both the CBB and MBB variants can be equipped with an electric hoist from Donati itself which is fixed in position on the jib arm. If you need a more versatile lifting solution, this range is a good choice.

Donati GBA / GBP Manually Rotated Jib Crane

Again, there are column and wall mounted examples of Donati’s manually rotated crane, each of which has other specific configuration options to choose. You can specify a trolley-equipped unit with load limits of up to a tonne, opt for a sturdy T beam model with a 2000kg capacity or pick an over braced model that has an outreach of up to eight metres.

The manual rotation of these jibs makes them cost-effective, but does mean that effort is required to move them. This makes considering worker safety important.

Donati GBR Electric Rotation Jib Crane

This large scale, press-forged steel crane is tough, powerful and can manage heavier loads. Its maximum capacity is restricted to 10 tonnes, while it offers under beam heights of up to four metres. This means that even the most awkward objects can be managed safely and securely with this electrically operated crane.

Donati MBE / CBE Motorised Arm Swing Jib

A more compact counterpart to the GBR range, the wall mounted MBE and column mounted CBE models offer working limits of between 250kg and 2000kg. Arm lengths of eight metres are offered, while the reliable motor mechanism makes it simpler to shift loads around with less effort involved.

Rotation levels vary depending on the mounting setup and the presence of any obstacles. But with up to 300 degrees of movement achievable on the CBE, there is no questioning the flexibility, regulatory compliance and performance potential offered by this range.

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Finding out more about the products we sell and services we offer is straightforward. If you need more details than are available on our site, call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961 or contact us online to get your question answer quickly and conveniently. From brands like Donati and Demag to our custom made jib crane products, we have everything you need to tackle any lifting challenge.

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