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Dynafor LLXH Load Cell

Dynafor LLXH Load Cell

The Dynafor LLXH is a wireless load cell indicator with a detachable display unit. With a 250 tonne SWL and an 80 metre wireless range this is a great way to check load weights. Buy today from Lifting Gear Direct.

Supplied with remote display, charging adapter, user manual, calibration report and declaration of conformity. Optional accessories and larger capacities available upon request. 

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About the Dynafor LLXH Load Cell 

One of many load and force calculation products we supply, this unit from Dynafor can be ordered in various capacities and also gives you the opportunity to factor in convenient extras if you want to expand upon its already impressive standard features. 


Basic spec breakdown

The wireless range is up to 80 metres and the WLL is up to 250 tonnes.

  • USB port for PC connection, enabling easy data transfer.
  • kg, T, daN kN & Lbs measuring units.
  • simultaneous readings of 1-4 sensors on 1 master display, or multiple sensors across several displays.
  • 25mm LCD backlit wireless display unit - connection sensor to display = 2.4GHz ZigBee
  • Interchangeable displays ( 16 channels)
  • Tare & peak load features
  • adjustable dynamic effects filter, auto shutdown feature & 5 adjustable thresholds
  • 3 x rechargeable batteries.

Options & accessories include; monitoring software, PC communication protocol and an external antenna.

Other advantages

The specifications and versatility of the Dynafor LLXH load cell should be obvious by now. If you want more details, you can check out the table of data a little further down the page to find out about each model within this range. 

One thing it is worth noting is that these load cells are especially hard-wearing. The main body is rated for IP65 protection as standard, with the option to increase this to IP67 if you want even better shielding against environmental hazards. 

The operational temperature range is also impressive, starting at minus 20 degrees Celsius and going up to 40 degrees. 

More models to consider

The LLXH is just one of the load cells we supply here at Lifting Gear Direct. If you are committed to safe lifting then you might also want to invest in one of our crane scales, which are ideal for ensuring that WLLs are taken into account and not exceeded. 

Once you have decided on the right load and force calculation equipment, you might want to broaden your search and check out the cavalcade of other products we both manufacture and supply to our clients across the country. 

LGD can make custom gantry systems and jib cranes, as well as offering up lots of hoists, winches, beam attachments and accessories made in-house and by well-known brands alike. 

Looking for more information?

We are happy to explain all there is to know about the Dynafor LLXH or any of the other products we offer. All you need to do is send LGD an email or dial 01384 76961 to have a chat with one of our team right now.


Model LLXH 15t LLXH 25t LLXH 50t LLXH 100t LLXH 250t Display Unit
Dimensions (mm) A 320 360 440 660 905 /
B 247.5 277 338 488 685
ØC 47.5 56 72 108 150
D 130 134 164 260 424
E 58 68 98 118 248
F 48 58 86 104 190
H / / / / / 26.7
I / / / / / 131
J / / / / / 82

Dynafor LLXH Load Cell

Model LLXH 15t LLXH 25t LLXH 50t LLXH 100t LLXH 250t Display unit 
Maximum capacity  t 15 25 50 100 250 All
Test load  t 30 50 100 200 500 /
Safety coefficient   Minimum 4
Precision    0.2% according to ISO 376 21°C
daN 30 50 100 200 500 /
Increment  daN 5 10 20 50 100 <
Max display  daN 16500 27500 55000 110.00t 275.00t <
Number height  mm / / / / / 25
Autonomy   From 300 to 1000h depending of functions 48h
Radio scope m 80 (in open field) (IP 67=60)
RF Technology    2.4 Ghz
Weight  KG 4 6.6 15.1 46 215 0.18
IP Protection   IP65 (option: IP67) IP54
Usage   From -20° to 40°C
Sensitivity to T°   0.05% per 10°C
Sensor material    Aluminium /