GT push travel trolley

GT Push Travel Trolley

Kito CB Chain Block

Kito CB Chain Block

GT Geared Travel Trolley

This beam trolley from GT (George Taylor) is a geared travel trolley type and is easier to use and often preferred to a push travel trolley.

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GT Geared Travel
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About the GT Geared Travel Beam Trolley

Perfect for use with chain blocks and electric hoists this geared trolley is lightweight yet rugged in construction. The trolley uses high grade steel ball bearings which are sealed within the wheels to ensure continuous smooth movements across the beam. The screw adjusting pin complete with loading eye is made from drop forged steel for safe and easy adjustments on the beam. There are guards on the side plates to offer protection to the wheels.

The toothed gear wheel turns effortlessly with a pull on the load chain. The chain comes in a 3 metre height of lift as standard but longer options are available on request.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use and maintenance procedures, ensuring regular checks for potential issues such as cracks or wear in the screw pin. Always check the trolley is tightly fitted to the beam before each use and carry out thorough inspections when necessary.

Availability from LGD

The GT geared travel trolley can be purchased at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct. There are a number of safe working load models to choose from including the highest model at 5000kg. They fit beam flange widths up to 220mm but the minimum width varies between models. (see table below)

Call us to make an enquiry about any beam trolley or buy it now online.

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GT Geared Travel Trolley dimensions

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