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Gunnebo LiftiQ Block and Tackle

Gunnebo LiftiQ Block and Tackle

The LiftiQ block and tackle by Gunnebo is ideal for low headroom applications. Designed with compact dimensions and created using hard wearing materials, it is a hoist range that offers a number of different working load limits and chain fall configurations to match. Find it alongside many other manual chain blocks here at Lifting Gear Direct.
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Gunnebo LiftiQ Block and Tackle


  • Double pawl braking system (fully enclosed)
  • Triple bearing construction
  • Available chained or un-chained.


Gunnebo LiftiQ Chain Block In Depth Overview

The LiftiQ is just one of the many Gunnebo products we sell. Like the other lifting kit and accessories manufactured by this brand, it is a sturdy, competitively specified piece of equipment. 

Because of its compact size, you might assume that it is limited in terms of load capacity. It is true that the entry level model has a relatively low 250kg upper limit on payloads. However, scan the technical data below and you will see that there are some significantly larger units on offer, with 30 tonnes being the maximum allowable capacity within the LiftiQ chain block range. 

Gunnebo LiftiQ Chain Block Design Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the small size of this hoist’s central unit is an advantage when it comes to operating in tight spaces. It still manages to squeeze in a double pawl braking system that boosts lifting safety and prevents loads from being dropped. 

The triple bearing construction ensures that the chain block performs without a hitch whenever it is used. It can be made even more cost effective if chosen unchained, although we can supply the unit with as many chain falls as are required to match its load capacity if necessary. 

The LiftiQ competes with similar models like the GT Viper and the Kito CB, so be sure to compare these models if you want to work out which is best for you. Whatever your decision, LGD can deliver the manual chain hoist of your choice at an affordable price. 

Contact LGD for Gunnebo Chain Block Advice

If you do not know whether the LiftiQ is the chain block for you, there is no need to stand on ceremony. Just call the experts at LGD on 01384 76961 or message us through our site to get an answer to any question you might have. We can also quote you product prices and arrange lifting equipment inspections so that you can meet regulatory requirements.

ModelLength mWLL kgChain fallsLoad chain size mmPull to lift full load (N)ABCDH minWeight kgs
LCA003325014 x 1218712011421313206.865
LCA005350015 x 1522614613823353909.911
LCA0103100016.3 x 19.1284161154274042012.782
LCA0153150017.1 x 21298182176334544216.545
LCA020O3200018 x 24343202177355047020.56
LCA020T3200026.3 x 19.1286205154355029519.734
LCA030O33000110 x 28372255205395555433.249
LCA030T3300027.1 x 21302230176395564025.688
LCA0503500029 x 27336250189456579842
LCA0753750039 x 273754601895475110720
LCA10031000049 x 27378460189547594043
LCA15031500069 x 27382718200709511098
LCA20032000089 x 2737885020080106117080
LCA3003300001010 x 2841770338782110950229
625014 x 12187120114213132010.496
650015 x 15226146138233539014.23
6100016.3 x 19.1284161154274042018
6150017.1 x 21298182176334544221.792
6200018 x 24343202177355047027.51
6200026.3 x 19.1286205154355029527.492
63000110 x 28372255205395555442.5
6300027.1 x 21302230176395564033.822
6500029 x 27336250189456579856