HE 800MF builders Hoist

HE 800MF Builders Hoist

HE 500 MF Gantry hoist

HE 500MF Builders hoist

HE 800TF Builders Hoist

A three phase gantry hoist which comes complete with pendant control & gantry with a 380 volt supply.

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HE 800 TF Builders Hoist
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 Sitting as part of the TEA L’Europea range, this builders hoist provides plenty of power, a solid lifting capacity and excellent overall quality to ensure complete safety during operation.

Ballast boxes supplied as an extra. 

Main Features of the HE 800TF Builders Hoist 

This model is fairly similar in design and spec to the 800 MF, but offers a few benefits that its stable mate cannot match. This includes its quicker 12 metre per minute average lifting speed, which ensures that tough tasks can be completed quickly. It makes use of a three phase motor to achieve this, which is a sturdy bit of kit in its own right that should be able to perform reliably when paired with the right accessories

Other Products to Consider

We stock a comprehensive range of lifting equipment, including gantry hoists from IMER which rival the TEA range. These units do not match the HE 800 TF in terms of load capacity, but they do provide higher average lifting speeds, which may be important when it is necessary to haul materials up to a high point on construction sites as part of an intensive working cycle. 

Talk to the LGD team about Builders Gantry Hoist Products

Our experts can help answer questions and provide quotes for any hoists from TEA and the other top manufacturers we stock. You have the option to email us using our site, or give us a ring on 01384 76961. With the assistance of Lifting Gear Direct, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Model HE 800 TF
Motor type  Three Phase
Voltage  380v
Frequency  50Hz
Max. lifting capacity  800kg
Motor power 1850w
Average lifting speed 12 m/min
working length  25m
Max. working length 40m
Steel cable diameter  6mm
Hoist weight 60kg
Dimensions 860 x 320 x 570 mm
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