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Gunnebo Block and Tackle

 Check out the Gunnebo block and tackle here. For over 250 years, Gunnebo has been a renowned manufacture of many different products. Hailing from Sweden, the firm has established a reputation for producing lifting equipment that is affordable yet effective. You can browse the full range from this brand on our site, or we sell the block and tackle right here. We are sure you will be impressed by the Gunnebo LiftiQ block and tackle. 

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Gunnebo LiftiQ Block and Tackle

This small but perfectly formed line up of Gunnebo chain blocks is designed to work effectively even if there is not much headroom available. Each unit is compact yet durable and strong, as well as complying with standards for safety and build quality.

The smallest of the LiftiQ manual chain block models has a safe working limit of 250kg, and this increases in increments with each subsequent unit, topping off at five tonnes. Choose the right example to meet your needs and you will have a capable new chain block which can lift smoothly and consistently every time you use it.

With its triple bearing construction, the operation of the LiftiQ is precise and seamless. The chain is unlikely to snag or stutter and the double pawl braking system gives its safety credentials a boost. The brakes are fully enclosed to keep out dust, dirt and other detritus which might compromise their operation. All this means that as well as giving you peace of mind, this hoist will not be difficult to maintain. This makes it a good investment if you want to avoid the need to replace it regularly.

There are other products in the LiftiQ family which share its branding and build quality. This includes a lever hoist, which comes with a zinc-plated chain to avoid corrosion and prevent jams.

Gunnebo Chain Block Add-Ons

You can augment the LiftiQ chain block range by adding a number of compatible accessories, also manufactured by Gunnebo. At Lifting Gear Direct we sell both a geared trolley and a push travel trolley which can be adjusted to fit different beam sizes and will integrate seamlessly with this particular chain block.

Our site is also the best place to find great gear from other manufacturers and brands, so there is no need to limit yourself to looking only at Gunnebo’s products. We stock quality equipment from the likes of Yale, Demag, Kito and many more internationally recognised companies. We also design and manufacture our own-brand jib cranes and lifting gantry systems, which are custom made according to your requirements. Based in the heart of the UK, we serve customers across the country and can even install and inspect lifting gear when necessary.

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All you need to do to find out more info regarding our chain block products is to contact Lifting Gear Direct by phone or email. Use our rapid enquiry form and we will reply as swiftly as possible or call 01384 76961 and one of our experienced team will talk you through everything.

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