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Imer ET1000 Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist

Imer ET1000 Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist

If you need a heavier duty builders hoist for use on your construction project then this could be the ideal construction hoist for you.
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 Unlike a scaffold hoist, these builders hoists do not require scaffolding; instead they can be fitted to a counter balanced gantry frame which can be projected over the edge of a structure to lift up materials quickly and easily. If you have the use of a scaffold tower then more specific builders scaffold hoists would more than likely suit you better.

Key Features of the Imer ET1000 Builders Hoist

Lifting your tools and materials is not only easier with these hoists but also safer for the worker as they no longer need to haul materials to higher levels of a structure throughout the building process.

Safe use of lifting equipment is always a top priority so the more safety features the better. Other key safety features include a positioning brake, a self-braking motor with magnetic aid and upper limiters to prevent lifting too far.

Other features are an IP67 plug on a 3-phase motor (400v/50Hz) and a 1.5 metre pendant control device. The controller is rated at IP65 against ingress and is directly controlled with just 3 buttons.

The ET1000 builders hoist can handle loads up to 1000kg in weight, though be mindful of the weight of any accessories also used to aid lifting certain items, these will add to the overall weight.  For example If you were to use a brick basket with your gantry hoist you would not be able to lift 1000kg of bricks as the basket will also have a maximum weight to be taken into account.

This hoist has a maximum working height of 21 metres thanks to the 43 metres of high strength wire rope. What’s more a full load will have an average lifting speed of around 10 metres per minute.

Builders Gantry Hoist Accessories

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of scaffold and gantry hoist accessories which can enhance the use of your builders hoist and make it easier to lift certain materials like mortar, full wheelbarrows, bricks and more.  Call us on 01384 76961 for any information you need or email us here.

  ET 1000
Max. Capacitykg1000
Av. Full load lifting speedm/min10
Max. Working heightm/min21
Wire rope diametermm6
Rope lengthm43
Motor power ratekW2.2 (400v/50-60Hz)
Motor speedrpm1320
Motor running currentA7
Machine weightkg75
SPL in operator positiondB(A)<72
Dimensions w/l/hmm382/800/410
packing dimensions w/l/hmm400/820/440