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Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

The Verlinde VL electric chain hoist is a slightly older model than the Verlinde VR electric hoist though has a larger range with models capable of lifting loads up to 10,000kg rather than the top 5000kg lifting capacity of the VR hoist
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Verlinde Electric Hoist Benefits to Consider

These compact and versatile electric hoists can be configured to suit many different requirements. They can be supplied with a standard hook suspension; hooked on to or fitted directly to a push travel or geared trolley system; Fitted into a Euro trolley system or else hooked or fitted into a powered motor driven trolley system.

verlinde VL electric chain hoist

Key Features of the Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Gearbox – Lubricated pinions together with its rectified & treaded straight teeth ensure noise levels are kept low.

Load Wheel – The load wheel varies according to the model chosen and can have either 5 or 6 pockets which have been rectified and precision machined.

Torque Limiter – To guarantee the hoist’s use without overloading a friction torque limiter is in place.

Limit Switches – The VL hoists incorporate electric limit switches for both upper and lower chain positions to provide additional safety.

Braking System – The brake used in the Verlinde VL is of the disc variety, it is electro-magnetic with linings, it is easy to access  and adjust.

Lifting Hook – The special steel swivel hook comes complete with a safety latch and conforms to DIN standards.

Hoist Body – Moulded, injected aluminium is used for the casing of these hoist units to make them much lighter in weight. They are finished with highly resistant epoxy paint for added protection.  The body also incorporates several fins within the motor area to provide a good thermal exchange.

Control box – The push button box is protected to IP65 and has 2, 4 or 6 button options.

Electrics – The spacious cubicle where the electric components are housed is positioned on the side of the hoist to enable easy access. With IP55 protection.

Motor – The hoisting motor has two speeds and kept cool by a thermal exchange. It has ‘F’ class insulation and is IP 55 protected.

Chain Collector – There is a choice of chain collectors which include a moulded variety, a steel model or a fabric bag type.

Options Available for the VL electric Hoist.

  • Geared limit switches
  • Non-standard voltages
  • Hour counters
  • Radio remote controllers
  • Stainless steel chain and hooks
  • Travelling limiters
  • Hoisting & travelling motors thermal protection
  • Short headroom trolley
  • Rain cover
  • Extra brake
  • Explosion or spark proof versions.
  • Hand-held positioner (Digichain) on push button type.
  • High Lifting Capacity – Handle loads of up to 10,000kg safely and avoid risks with the slick, efficient capabilities of the VL electric hoist range. This exceeds the capabilities of the newer VR models from the same manufacturer. Scout out our other electric hoists from Liftket, Yale and Kito for more capacity options. 

Find Out More About the VL Electric Chain Hoist 

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SWL (KG)Hoist typeFEMLifting speeds (m/min)Number of fallsHoisting motor power (kW)Fix hook susp unitMonorail trolley unit Chain
       Manual travelling Motorized travelling800N/mm₂
       Push trolley unitChain trolley unitOne speedTwo speedVariable speed 
60VL1 0616b11Bm16/410.2/0.05/3.1 x 9.3
VL1 068 b22m8/210.2/0.05/3.1 x 9.3
80VL1 088 b22m8/210.2/0.05/3.1 x 9.3
125VL1 128 b11Bm8/210.2/0.05/3.1 x 9.3
VL1 124 b22m4/120.2/0.05/3.1 x 9.3
VL2 124 m22m410.44.8 x 12.7
VL2 128 m22m810.44.8 x 12.7
VL2 128 b22m8/210.4/0.14.8 x 12.7
VL2 1216 b22m16/410.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
250VL1 254 b11Bm4/120.2/0.053 x 9
VL2 254 m11Bm410.44.8 x 12.7
VL2 258 m11Bm810.44.8 x 12.7
VL2 258 b11Bm8/210.4/0.14.8 x 12.7
VL5 2516 b11Bm16/410.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
VL5 254 b22m4/120.4/0.14.8 x 12.7
VL5 254 m22m410.44.8 x 12.7
VL5 258 m22m810.84.8 x 12.7
VL5 258 b22m8/210.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
500VL2 504 m11Bm420.44.8 x 12.7
VL5 504 m11Bm410.44.8 x 12.7
VL2 504 b11Bm4/120.4/0.14.8 x 12.7
VL5 508 m11Bm810.84.8 x 12.7
VL5 508 b11Bm8/210.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
VL10 5016 b11Bm16/411.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL5 502 m22m220.44.8 x 12.7
VL5 504 m22m420.84.8 x 12.7
VL5 504 b22m4/120.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
VL10 504 m22m410.86.8 x 17.8
VL10 508 m22m811.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL10 508 b22m8/211.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
1000VL5 1002 m11Bm220.84.8 x 12.7
VL5 1004 m11Bm420.84.8 x 12.7
VL5 1004 b11Bm4/120.8/0.24.8 x 12.7
VL10 1004 m11Bm410.86.8 x 17.8
VL10 1008 m11Bm811.76.8 x 17.8
VL10 1004 m22m421.76.8 x 17.8
VL10 1008 b11Bm8/211.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL10 1004 b22m4/121.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL16 1008 b22m8/213.5/0.9//9 x 27
1600VL10 1602 m11Bm220.86.8 x 17.8
VL10 1604 m11Bm421.76.8 x 17.8
VL10 1604 b11Bm4/121.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL16 1608 b11Bm8/213.5/0.9//9 x 27
VL25 1606 b22m6.3/1.613.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
2000VL10 2002 m11Bm220.86.8 x 17.8
VL10 2004 m11Bm421.76.8 x 17.8
VL10 2004 b11Bm4/121.7/0.46.8 x 17.8
VL16 2004 b22m4/123.5/0.9//9 x 27
VL20 2008 b11Bm8/213.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
2500VL16 2504 b11Bm4/123.5/0.9//9 x 27
VL20 2504 b22m4/123.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
VL25 2506 b11Bm6.3/1.613.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
3200VL16 3204 b11Bm4/122.5/0.64//9 x 27
VL25 3203 b22m3.2/0.7523.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
4000VL20 4004 b11Bm4/123.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
VL20 4002 b12m2.7/0.733.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
5000VL25 5003 b11Bm3.2/0.7523.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
VL25 5002 b22m2.1/0.533.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
6000VL20 6302 b11Bm2.7/0.733.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
7500VL25 7502 b11Bm2.1/0.533.5/0.9//11.3 x 31
10000VL25 10003 b11Bm3.2/0.752x22x3.5/0.86NC//11.3 x 31