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IMER 3-way Scaffold Frame Lifting Hook

IMER 3-way Scaffold Frame Lifting Hook

The Imer 3 way scaffold frame lifting hook is a great accessory when using scaffold and gantry hoists to transport loads up and down to different levels on any building site. These frame hooks could also potentially be used with other powered hoists.
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About the Imer 3 Way Scaffold Frame Lifting Hook 

This scaffold hoist lifting accessory is a specially designed frame which incorporates three separate hooks. The main frame is triangular in shape with the top point being the location where it can be attached to the hook of a hoist. Its shape will prevent the frame from tilting if the hooks have uneven weighted loads. 

The three lower hooks are positioned at slight angles to each other to enable easy attachment of loads to each individual hook.  Each hook comes complete with a safety catch to prevent the load becoming detached. 

Each hook can hold a different load at the same time enabling the transportation of a variety of materials at the same time. The maximum weight the frame can handle is 60 kg which can be spread between the 3 load hooks. The frame weighs just 3kg, so is easy to handle and store. The dimensions are; 36 x 6.5 x 41 cm. 

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Imer 3-way Scaffold frame Lifting Hooks
Max capacity  KG60
Weight KG3
Width mm65
Length mm360
Height mm 410