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Red Rooster Air Hoist TNC-25TWLPE & TNC-37.5TW/3

Red Rooster Air Hoist TNC-25TWLPE & TNC-37.5TW/3

The TNC-25TWLPE & TNC-37.5TW/3 are large capacity pneumatic hoists ideal for heavy duty lifting applications.

  • Brand:: Red Rooster
  • Product Code: Red Rooster TNC-25TWLPE & TNC-37.5TW/3
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There are 2 models to choose from here; the TNC 25TWLPE is a 25 tonne hoist whilst the TNC 37.5TW/3 is a 37 and a half tonne hoist with 3 chain falls.

KEY FEATURES of the Red Rooster Air Hoist TNC

  • Toku rotary vane motor
  • epicyclic gearbox
  • failsafe auto. internal disc brake
  • upper & lower limit switches - mechanical
  • cast steel casing
  • alloy safety swivel hooks
  • automatic - adjustable load limiter
  • load chain 22 x 66mm


  • Marine and/or Atex specifications
  • extra corrosion protection
  • air service units
  • main air shut off valve
  • radio control
  • festoon systems

More Hoisting Options

Should these models not be quite right for your needs then browse the other models in our collection of air hoists, you will find many more from Red Rooster as well as models from Yale and JD Neuhaus. There is a good range of lifting capacities available in the range as well as varying lifting speeds. 

If you don't have access to compressed air then an electric hoist may be an option for you. We supply all the top brands such as Yale, Stahl, Demag, Kito and more. We always keep our prices keen to make them more affordable to our customers. So give us a call for advice, more information, quotations or orders.

ModelA mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmHØ mmI mmJ mmK mmL mmM mmN mm
ModelWLL (KG)Lifting speed with loadLifting speed without loadLowering speed with load 
TNC-25TWLPE250000.6 m/min1.0 m/min0.7 m/min
TNC-37.5TW/3375000.35 m/min0.6 m/min0.5 m/min
 Air consumption liftingAir consumption loweringAir connectionMinimum hose dia
TNC-25TWLPE90 l/sec100 l/sec1" BSP1" hose
TNC-37.5TW/390 l/sec100 l/sec1" BSP1" hose
 Chain fallsWorking pressureWeight with 3m HOL Additional metre HOL 
TNC-25TWLPE26 bar490KG21.8KG
TNC-37.5TW/336 bar870KG32.7KG