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Red Rooster Air Hoists TNC-10TWLPE  TNC-15TW/3 & TNC-20TW/4

Red Rooster Air Hoists TNC-10TWLPE TNC-15TW/3 & TNC-20TW/4

The 3 air hoist models here have WLL of 10000, 15000 & 20000kg and have excellent lifting capabilities for very heavy loads.

  • Brand:: Red Rooster
  • Product Code: Red Rooster TNC-10TWLPE TNC-15TW/3 & TNC-20TW/4
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These air hoists all have a hook suspension with a safety catch and so are very easy to suspend from your preferred anchor point. They are perfect for heavy duty industrial lifting applications and wherever you have a compressed air supply.

KEY FEATURES of the Red Rooster TNC 10TWLPE Air Hoist

  • Epicyclical gear box
  • Toku rotary vane motor
  • cast steel casing
  • alloy safety swivel hooks
  • failsafe internal disc brake - automatic
  • load chain - 16 x 45mm
  • auto. adjustable load limiter
  • 83dB(A) internal silencing


  • marine or atex specs
  • main air shut off valve
  • air service units
  • festoon system
  • special paint
  • chain collectors


 As with all Red Rooster air hoists, follow the manufacturers instructions for installation, maintenance, operation and pre-use checks.

More Hoisting Options

Pneumatic air hoists from different manufacturers are available from Lifting Gear Direct. There are 2 models by trusted brand Yale; 6 from JDN (JD Neuhaus) and a further 6 from Red Rooster. Should you not find something to suit your needs and or electric power is available or preferred then take a look at our vast collection of electric chain hoists or wire rope hoists. There are heavy duty models available which may be suitable for your lifting task.

Remember we also offer testing and inspection services as well as supplying all other types of lifting equipment. From cranes to slings and shackles, all come in at the lowest prices around.

ModelA mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmHØ mmI mmJ mmK mmL mmM mmN mm
tne 10twlpe air hoist dimensions
ModelWLL (KG)Lifting speed with loadLifting speed without loadLowering speed with load 
TNC-10TWLPE100001.5 m/min2.5 m/min2.3 m/min
TNC-15TW/3150001.0 m/min1.6 m/min1.5 m/min
TNC-20TW/4200000.75 m/min1.25 m/min1.15 m/min
 Air consumption liftingAir consumption loweringAir connectionMinimum hose dia
TNC-10TWLPE90 l/sec100 l/sec1" BSP1" hose
TNC-15TW/390 l/sec100 l/sec1" BSP1" hose
TNC-20TW/490 l/sec100 l/sec1" BSP1" hose
 Chain fallsWorking pressureWeight with 3m HOL Additional metre HOL 
TNC-10TWLPE26 bar210KG11.4KG
TNC-15TW/336 bar320KG17.1KG
TNC-20TW/446 bar470KG22.8KG