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Stahl ST Electric Hoist

The Stahl electric hoist range now revolves around one hoisting unit – the ST hoist. Because it has been designed in a modular format the Stahl ST electric hoist can be configured in many ways in order to suit different types of lifting operations.

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The ST hoisting system can be configured for use in wind turbines, have ATEX rating, be configured as a dual hoist or as a big bag handling hoist and more, the options are vast. Read on for more details.

The Standard Stahl ST electric Hoist Features

The standard Stahl St hoists are available in a wide range of lifting capacities, beginning at 125kg and going up to 6300kg. They boast two lifting speeds as standard and have FEM classification.

These hoists are compact so that available space can be utilised to maximum potential.

Probably the biggest benefit of the Stahl ST electric hoist is the suspension. The patented design ensures the highest safety levels due to the direct suspension on the cast iron chain guide, this ensures the that the load is supported directly where it engages.

The lower wear on the chain is ensured by the wear resistant chain sprocket and optimised return sheaves. The chain guide is also enclosed and self lubricating.

Only high quality components are used ensure excellent motor and brake systems. High duty cycle motors with fan cooling come as standard. Two hoist speeds permit precise positioning and single speed or four pole versions are available.

The asbestos free brake system requires little maintenance thanks to the completely enclosed electro-magnetic disc brake with oversized braking torque.

Overload protection on the ST hoist comes in the form of a slip clutch which is positioned in the oil cooled gear, and is easy to adjust from the outside.

There are a range of control options for the Stahl ST electric hoist including a more standard type pendant control, a remote radio controller or an RMI remote control (radioMOVEit remote control).

Other options available include SMC multi controller or SSC cumulative load control; Operational hoist limit switch; steel chain guides; bypass brake; vibration damper; load display and a slipping clutch test device. Contact us if you require more information on these optional extras.

Suspension & Trolley systems for the ST electric hoist system

The Stahl ST has many options available when it comes to suspension and trolley systems. You can choose from rigid mounting, hook suspension or eye suspension. Hook suspension is the usual standard. Foot mounting options are also achievable.

Trolley options include a standard push travel type; DUE articulated for travelling around bends or electrically powered trolleys. The electric trolley comes as either a standard headroom, short headroom or extra short headroom options. (see images ). This is due to the hoist being fitted in different positions on the trolley systems.

Advice and Quotations made simple

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this or any other hoisting system or your lifting needs in general then contact the team at Lifting Gear Direct for help. We can supply electric hoists from all top brand names as well as offering servicing, repairs and inspections.

CapacityFEMm/minTypeMotor data Chain collectors for greater lifting heights
kW%EDc/h Hoist typeSingle fallTwo fallMaterial
1253m (M6)8/2ST 0501-8/2 1/10.2/0.0535/15240/480 ST0573.5Plastic
2m (M5)16/4ST 0501-16/4 1/10.4/0.135/15120/240 157.5Steel
2501Am (M4)8ST 0502-8 1/10.440240 ST10126Plastic
8/2ST 0502-8/2 1/10.4/0.135/15120/240 2512.5Textile
5001Am (M4)4ST 0502-8 2/10.440240 ST2084Plastic
4/1ST 0502-8/2 2/10.4/0.135/15120/240 168Textile
8ST 1005-8 1/10.860360 2211Textile
8/2ST 1005-8/2 1/10.8/0.240/20120/240 ST3263Plastic
10001Am (M4)4ST 1005-8 2/10.860360 126Textile
4/1ST 1005-8/2 2/10.8/0.240/20120/240 2010Textile
2m (M5)8ST 2010-8 1/11.560360 ST3063Plastic
8/2ST 2010-8/2 1/11.5/0.3740/20120/240 105Textile
16001Bm (M3)8ST 3016-8 1/12.360360 2010Textile
8/2ST 3016-8/2 1/12.3/0.5740/20120/240 ST5084Textile
8/2ST 3216-8/2 1/12.4/0.640/20120/240 126Textile
20002m (M5)4ST 2010-8 2/11.560360 3015Steel
4/1ST 2010-8/2 2/11.5/0.3740/20120/240
25001Am (M4)6.3/1.5ST 5025-6/1 1/13.0/0.7640/20120/240
8/2ST 5025-8/2 1/13.8/0.933/17100/200
32001Bm (M3)4ST 3016-8 2/12.360360
4/1ST 3016-8/2 2/12.3/0.5740/20120/240
2m (M5)4/1ST 3216-8/2 2/12.4/0.640/20120/240
50001Am (M4)3.2/0.75ST 5025-6/1 2/13.0/0.7640/20120/240
4/1ST 5025-8/2 2/13.8/0.933/17100/200


Ambient Temperature -20°c up to +40°cto +50°c
Protection to IEC/EN 60529 IP55IP66
Paint ColourGreyish black/yellow-green RAL 7021/6018All other colours from RAL colour chart
DFT80μm120μm to 240μm
PaintPolyurethane topcoat Epoxy-resin base (240μm)
Control Pendants STH 1 control pendant with emergency stop palm button Radio remote control in push button or joystick version
Moveit one-hand control switch
Control Contactor control including main contactor For crane manufacturers, contactor control without transformer and without crane switch contactor
Direct control (ST05-ST20)
Hoist motor control Pole-changingFrequency controlled
Travel motor control 50Hz20 m/min2.5/10 m/min and 5/20 m/min
60Hz25 m/min3.2/12.5 m/min and 6.3/25 m/min pole-changing or frequency controlled
Motor supply voltage 50Hz/60Hz380-415V ST05 also 380-400V or 415V All voltages possible
Chain Grade 8 to DIN 5684Galvanised Stainless steel chain, off-standard chain (hardened)
Safety Factor>5.0/
Chain Guide Grey cast iron EN GJSSandwich chain guide made of hardened spring steel plates
Chain box Plastic, textileSheet steel
Load lifting elements Load hook in bottom hook blockThread bar, VAGH safety load hook
Galvanised load hook
Limit switches /Emergency hoist limit switch (gear limit switch)
Travel limit switch/For up to four switching functions- pre and end limiting in both directions of travel, carriage spacing
Overload cut-off Slipping ClutchLoad sensor
Signal transmitter/Horn, flashing light
Visualisation/SLD large-format load display, display in control pendant, readable on PC
Data exchange /with PC
Cumulative load controller /SSC
Temperature control of travel motors /Ptc thermistors
Mechanical safety devices /Wheel arrestors
Guide rollers for wide flange widths dependent on trolley type Guide rollers for narrow flange widths
Support rollers for trolleys /
Hoist brake Monodisc spring-loaded brake with asbestos-free brake linings Manual release of hoist brake
Bypass brake, double brake
Data recording /Operating hours counter
Panel box Plastic (Terluran 969 T)ST10-ST60 sheet steel (S 235 JR)

ST dimensions

2 hoisting speedm/min8/24/14/14/14/13.2/0.753.2/0.75
Chain falls 1222222
Type ST 0502ST 0502ST 1005ST 2010ST 3016ST 5025ST 6032
Duty cycle % ED50506060606050
Chain hoist with hook suspension A1367428432547575697697
Chain hoist with trolley B1413474437545586707707
With hook suspension 1618417582136150
With trolley 242653110130201215
* The travel motor is mounted on the opposite side
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