Tractel Magfor II Lifting Magnet

Tractel Magfor II Lifting Magnet

Tractel Magfor II TP Magnet Lifter

Tractel Magfor II TP Magnet Lifter

Tractel Magfor II HT Magnet Lifter

The Tractel Magfor II HT lifting magnet is for use in high temperature situations.

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Tractel Magfor II HT Magnet Lifter
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While other permanent magnet lifters are not equipped for operations in this type of environment, this model can lift very hot loads up to 250 degrees C without any magnetism loss. This is excellent for specialised metal lifting operations, as well as for general purpose use.

Tractel Magfor II HT Advantages

One of the most important aspects of the design of this magnetic lifter is that it promotes productivity and efficiency. It is time saving as you don't have to wait for the product to completely cool down. Instead you can simply snatch it up using this equipment which can tolerate the heat without creating a safety issue.

Another advantage which is worth mentioning in relation to this product is its ability to work with both flat and round objects. This means it is not limited to lifting steel sheets, but can also pick up freshly forged beams and poles that might otherwise take too long to come down to a reasonable temperature.

Features of the Magfor II HT

This lifter is available with WLL of 200, 400 & 800kg, & with all the usual features of the standard Magfor ll.

That means that there are two distinct stages that need to be completed in order to deactivate the magnet, which acts as another safety improvement. The self-locking safety catch prevents unexpected drops, while the neodymium magnet is light in weight yet still provides plenty of load-lifting power, as already mentioned.

Control over the magnetism of this unit is managed via a sturdy, durable handle, which also makes it easy to use. It does not need any power, whether from a mains connection or a battery, so it is also eminently portable. In terms of user-friendliness, there is no better option than a permanent magnet like the Magfor II HT.

Our Lifting Magnet Line-up

In spite of the perks of models like this that we have covered above, there are some limitations that come with an unpowered magnetic lifter. Chief amongst these is load limit, which can only be raised significantly above that which the Magfor II HT offers with the addition of electricity.

Our battery magnet lifters fill that role, with SWL of up to 3600kg available on models like the BUX BMP3600.

Tips for Buying Magnet Lifters

There is a lot of variety in our lifting magnet range, which can leave you wondering which product to pick. Fear not, as calling our team on 01384 76961 will let you speak with an expert who has all the answers and advice you need. You can also get in touch via email for similarly swift assistance.

CodeModelWLL On plate surface (KG)WLL On round surface (KG)Weight (KG)Min chain Ø mm
185518Magfor II 200 HT2001009-1212
185548Magfor II 400 HT40020015-2016
185578Magfor II 800 HT 25080040020
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